Work Visa


Sep 15, 2008
I know there have been a lot of posts regarding DNI and visas, but I think most of them are related to the "rentista" visa. I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to apply for a work visa (I think they are 12 months). Here is my situation, or perhaps my problem:

I am currently in BsAs on a tourist visa, just renewed, and working (but not getting paid...yet). I work for a consulting firm here, all locals, and their lawyer, before he was fired, told them that it would be no problem to come down and get a work visa. So I did and here I am. I know I need police records (must they be FBI?), a work contract, etc., but I don't know if I know everything or in what order they must be completed. I can get my finger prints taken here and sent to the FBI, but I am returning for the holidays and was told they would be rendered void if I go home while they're being processed.

My main questions are what documents do I need and can it all be taken care of while in BsAs?? I have family in the States, so they can help with any documents that live there (ie. birth certificate).

Thank you thank you.
There is a thread I started called important documents. I had to use those for my work visa. I can't remember which ones particular but I know the passport, birth certificate, and teaching license (all apostle) I needed.