WOW! Mendoza


Jan 8, 2010
We just returned from 3 nights in Mendoza on our continuing familiarization trip to Argentina to determine if we want to move here from Rio de Janeiro.

Well, we already liked Buenos Aires well enough to move to Argentina. But, in Mendoza we found everything we were looking for, for us and our 11 year old daughter. We're planning to move from Rio de Janeiro to Mendoza.

The city, the cleanliness of the city, the friendly people, the food, the climate (300 days a year of sun and low humidity), the outdoor activities, and of course, the wine, make the city a wonderful choice if you don't want to or don't have to live in Buenos Aires.

Mendoza seems to have a great quality of life and appears to have a little everything in a smaller package at a good discount from the cost of things in Buenos Aires, and half price or more, of things in Rio de Janeiro.

We were able to find a wonder bilingual school for much, much less than a school in Rio or Buenos Aires.

If you go, check out the winery tour and mountain tour by Trout and Wine on Espejo. The winery tour and lunch was outstanding!

If you haven't gone, you owe it to yourself to go. Stay in Micro Center, we stayed at the Argentino hotel on Independence Square. It was a perfect location.