WOW - UK Tax Refund


May 24, 2009
Well, I have finally got it - I received an email from the UK HM Revenue * Customs telling me that they have been looking for me for a while, as they have great news for me following a review of my tax affairs for the last tax year, and that they owe me £5,882 for overpayment of tax.....

All I have to do is send in my claim form, giving them my details, and they will send me the money within 6 to 9 days....

It's brilliant, although I better get in touch with my bosses to let them know that the UK is doing this, seeing as I work for the Irish Revenue Commissioners (Think IRS, or any countries Tax Authorities) and I wasn't aware that my tax had been overpaid to the UK all this time!.....

Can't think what to spend all this money on... maybe I will send it to that nice Nigerian man who keeps mailing me about his financial problems, may help him until I can get that 20 million he has promised released from that swiss bank!

OK Liam you are buying!!!!..... hey we can find a way to spend that money at the next happy hour...... hahaha
well enjoy your refund... and dont send that money to Nigera..... I already sent it.... I think I am the new King of a tribe there..... and 20 million richer.... sweet!!!!

There's a clue that it's spam before you even open it.....the Inland Revenue doesn't use email! Fvcking troglodytes that they are. I'm battling with them now, having been told by relatives that they're taking me to court and threatening extradition.

There's a couple of issues I have with that:
- they've never contacted me about the so-called debt and still refuse to do so because of aforementioned refusal to use email.
- THEY owe ME!
- as I've got an Argentinian son I think they'd have trouble extraditing me even if I was a convicted serial killer.
Sorry Al you are having problems with my collegaues in the UK - Hope it can be sorted.

As for the other clue I had - I'm not British !!!!!!
we should have a tax rebate pub crawl...first and last pubs paid for by liam.
esllou said:
we should have a tax rebate pub crawl...first and last pubs paid for by liam.

And the crawl should involve just 2 pubs....!

I'm all for the pub crawl idea as a concept -

Personally I could never understand the reason to waste drinking time by leaving the first pub!
I do like the way the Irish think...... why leave the first pub!!!!

and I REALLY like the wau Alzinho thinks!!!! haha