You Know You're In Argentina When.....


Oct 26, 2013
To give a better idea of Argentinean culture thought it might be fun to get feedback from anyone willing to addition to the topic... B)
Have fun! :D
1. When they eat pizza with fork & knife.
2. When you struggle to find plain yogurt.
3. When the damn thing comes in only 8 oz containers.
4. And when u find the damn thing, there will be only 10 or 15 of them on the shelf.
5. When they drive with their left arm dangling from left window.
6. When they come to a curve, they all leave their lanes and come and crowd to use ONLY ONE lane .. (the shortest lane).
7. When they drive at night with their head lights off. (and it is legal too).
8. When if they need to make a turn, it has to be done from the most farthest lane.
9. When they putiar at you, if you think they should NOT be doing #8.
10. When spicy food is asco "disgusting" (I can translate obscenities too ... who said it can not be done?)
11. When they eat intestine/tongue/triba and other things of the cow, while "Argentina" and "beef" are synonyms.
12 When the parrella is straight meat to the fire (no marinade no pasting, no sauces, no aging .. etc etc) nothing.
13 When the asado is grissel charcoal on outside and rare inside (spare ribs need to be cooked slowly for hours upon hours before it can melt in your mouth)
14 When it is hard to find dill, basil, and I don't know how "sage" is called here ( for thanksgiving stuffing )
15 When mango is hard to find.
16 When if you find the damn thing, it is green and solid as a brick (could be classified as a weapon).
17 When if you buy the damn thing anyway, thinking u can wrap it in paper and let it ripe at home, u will b heart broken.
18. When u buy Beef Angosto "rib eye" for $7.75 in 2005, and now for $64.
19. When u buy grapes for $0.99 in 2005, and now $65.
20. When I had to pay the waiter to bring salt and pepper (available only by request) in a restaurant.
21 When they pronounce "y" and "ll" as "sh" and then call that a new language and give it a new name: "Castellano".
22. When the only food options allowed are: pizza, empanada, parella and media luna.
23. When they locate Buenos Aires 5 hours away from the Ocean (BA should have been located at Mar Del Plata).
24. When it is hard 2 find really good old stinky cheese.
25. When authentic restaurants modify and Argentinize their menus.
26. When for 3 month of winter everytime u cold shower u feel like being electrocuted cause MetroGas is working..
27. When u miss bacon with your morning breakfast eggs.
1001. When u wonder 1000 times what it up with this ... and still u are willing to put up with that

I don't want 2 break the rules and terms of service, if I list all 1000
I don't mind meat without marinade. When steak is cooked properly it should taste great. Marinades and steak sauce were made to make bad meat bearable. At the right place and done right plain meat is a treat. Some people though are used to intense flavors and can use the steak sauce but come on! Criticizing steak in Argentina, really? On top of that if it's too rare they can cook it some more. What pisses me off is when they overcook it and if they do you should be able to ask them to get you a new one.
When the government lies about inflation but everyone knows it's lie
When the people get screwed by Peronism but they vote for different flavors of it
When you use 3+ rates for the national currency to US Dollars
When you worry about the quality of something not made in China
When you ask what the best phone company is and you get a blank look
When you look for sweets that aren't dulce de leche and there are non
khairyexpat: sage is salvia ...
If everything else fails, google translate or a good english-spanish dictionary can do the trick