Young expats meetup


Nov 25, 2009
Is there any interest in a meetup of young expats this weekend, maybe saturday or sunday at a bar?
how young is young.. under 30, 40, 50, 60 - x gen, y gen ?
davonz said:
how young is young.. under 30, 40, 50, 60 - x gen, y gen ?

Some one said that young is anyone 10 years younger then you - old is anyone 10 years older!
Then I must normally hang out with REALLY young. (Or they hang out with me.) I wasn't able to go to a 21 year old local girl's graduation party on Friday night, because after a radio station party at Niceto, I had to go see the first few minutes of a 22 year old DJ's set.

Oh, and I'm not 32.

When i observe argentine couples hanging around, this rule doesnt seem to apply in this environment.;)
My friends here range between 18 and 50. Most being over 30.
I'm 25.

I would come to the expacitos meet, but am not in town this weekend.

I guess rather than a young expat meetup, the idea is more people who want to meet up and partaaaay.
I *should be* keeping busy but you know what they say about all work and no play. I could be up for a couple hours of meeting up on a Saturday evening. I am 29 but I am *n*o*t* a big partier to be honest, but I love some good beer and chatting with folks of any age.

So I would be up for going to one of the few places in this city that has good beer. I'm sure there are some posts about yummy beer.

One suggestion I have is a place near the teatro district I found the other weekend at Sarmiento 1600 block...make sure to go up the stairs...called Cruzat Beer House. They had a large patio, which means we could talk more easily and even Chocolate Stout (surely nowhere near the best I ever had, but COME ON, in BsAs) ON TAP! I am not sure how crowded it gets on the weekends because I have never been, so that could, un tema. We could always beat the porteños and go a little early, say around 8-10.
Goodness, chocolate stout!
Maybe they have proper bitter..? (he thinks to himself)
I must try this place.

Is there a secret knock?

---edit--- just google mapp'd it and is 3 blocks from where I currently live.

Back of the net.
Dude, you're a total boludo. I've been considering this place for a happy hour with R. Suave, you, and the Miss for about 6 or 7 months now.

Their imported beer list is impressive, extensive, and expensive.