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    (Yet Another) Moving Sale, Saturday Oct. 15 14-18:00!

    And thanks for the kind remarks everyone. I will continue to stay involved here. BTW nobody wants to come to the sale? I have Apple accessories (cables, plugs, chargers, speakers, brand new) and maple syrup and Asian, Indian and Chinese cooking sauce bases for sale too!
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    (Yet Another) Moving Sale, Saturday Oct. 15 14-18:00!

    Wine guy they are stainless steel like the restaurants use. I have three sizes, 20 small, 5 medium and six for large bottles
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    (Yet Another) Moving Sale, Saturday Oct. 15 14-18:00!

    It is brand new, still in the box, never used . $400US
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    (Yet Another) Moving Sale, Saturday Oct. 15 14-18:00!

    Hi All! Well after eight years of full time BA living I find myself needing to be closer to my (adult) kids and missing many old friends so I will be leaving shortly. I am having a moving sale that includes some furniture, electronics,clothes (including tango dresses and shoes), small...
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    November 2016 In Bahia Blanca

    One of our longest standing members lives there I believe and might be very helpful to you. But can't remember his handle! Steve, where are you?
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    Best Options For Long Distance Phone Call

    Telecom has a plan "llamadas sin fronteras" and allows you an hour of international calls for free each month using your home phone. It costs about $5/month
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    Veterinarian Needed Urgently!

    Through the years I've used Yamil Felix at Mascotas Porteñas on las heras between uriburu and Junin. He should be there tomorrow until the afternoon. He knows a lot of specialists so he could refer you. Also does house visits. Spanish speaker only. Best of luck.
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    ::: Ordering Art Supplies From The Usa ...possible?

    I am selling all my oil paints here in BsAs. They are professional grade. PM me if you'd like to see what I have. Most airlines prohibit oil paints. I had to send mine by land from one place to another in the US.
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    Argentine With Offshore Accounts

    Pretty sure not.
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    Another Mass Shooting In The Us...

    I'm in the US right now. It appears this was a lone wolf ISIS inspired and well planned took place in a LGBT bar in Orlando a night after a famous teenage singer was shot and killed during a performance.. 50 killed and 53 injured last night makin g it the deadliest mass shooting in...
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    Rise In Real Estate Prices Over Past 5 Years

    Rise perhaps you are a speculator and know about these things, but I am familiar with regular people who have sold their places (nice places but not architectural specimens, in decent and good areas who considered themselves lucky to have sold and made a little extra given the economic climate...
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    Rise In Real Estate Prices Over Past 5 Years

    Ries, if what you are saying is true, I should be asking twice as much for my apartment! I would love to understand if you are talking about RENTS in pesos or real estate prices in dollars for sales? The former, yes because of inflation rental prices have greatly increased. But sales which are...
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    Turkey Products

    The indoor farmers market on Juramento (3000 block) in Belgrano had chicken sausage and ground chicken at one of their vendors shops.first time I'd ever seen it in BA. Also in recoleta on R.Pena between V. Lopez and Las Heras there's a chicken /granja shop that sells ground chicken...
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    I'm in Atlanta now. There's a big difference between security lines in the domestic terminal and the international one. Less long in the latter. Breakfasts in Atlanta are the best I the US IMHO and there are many excellent choices. But I have always had a wait so be aware of that. The High...