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    Filing U S Tax Return Online: Foreign Exemption And A C A

    Thanks so much, Steve. I had to search for the Foreign Income Exclusion to find it in the program. Am going back through it now. Yes, I put my Argentine address, etc. etc. And yes, the last part you talk about with the health care coverage was fine like you said. Thanks again, I appreciate it.
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    Filing U S Tax Return Online: Foreign Exemption And A C A

    Hi Steve. I'm currently filing with TaxAct. One question. You wrote: "The program also asks is you would like to claim the foreign earned income tax exemption." Is this only with the Deluxe edition? I didn't see that option in the free edition. Thanks so much.
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    Proof Of Residency In Us For Ayuda Familiar

    Anyone have any recent updates on what to use for proof of residency for ayuda familiar? At Banco Frances last year they let me use bills in my father's name and his driver's license, but now they say they need more. They suggested he get a letter from the Argentine embassy in the U.S., but I...
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    Conmen On Mercadolibre Getting More Creative.

    This just happened to a colleague at work. They JUST called her from the bank telling her the envelope was empty. An iPhone 5s 32gb free-willingly out of her hands... thought I'd bump it if it helps anyone else out. DO NOT sell costly items to users without a reputation! And if someone says...
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    San Telmo/monserrat - Mexico/venezuela Area

    Hi thenewmasses, not sure if you're already here or when you are arriving, but I have a 1BR apartment for rent in San Telmo if it's of any interest! If so, you can send me a PM and I'll send you the details. (I'm obviously biased, but you will find hundreds of threads about safety on this forum...
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    Tips For Broken Iphone 5S

    A guy at work had a similar problem with his 5s. It kept dying and finally decided to go to phone heaven. He called Apple and they told him that there was a known issue with the 5s. His is still under warranty - only he has to find someone who's going back to the States to go exchange it at...
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    Last Minute Ticket Available To Nutcracker At Teatro Colon

    I have an extra ticket to the Nutcracker tonight at 8:30 pm. Price is $410 but willing to take $200. PM me within the next 30 min if you'd like it - would need to meet there at 8 pm. Thanks! Allison
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    Furnished Apt In Almagro

    I've got your back, splattermatter. We are owners and have a large 1BR apartment in San Telmo that has been occupied for almost 3 years straight for about what you're asking and have only rented it in dollars to very, very happy long-term tenants (6 months and over 2 years) who would write a...
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    Finding Interesting Items For Sale On Mercado Libre

    I LOVE MercadoLibre and use "Comienzan hoy" all the time! I don't have pics on this computer of my favorite finds but might share later.
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    San Telmo Apt. Available In Sept

    Hi everyone. Our current tenant is happy to show the apartment during his last month here in BsAs. If you're interested PM me and I can send prices and pictures. Would be available 2nd week of September.
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    Weekend House Sales By Organizers In Buenos Aires

    Poor jantango! We totally brought you down, sorry! But I'm sure there are those out there who are interested in knowing they exist, so thank you for sharing.
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    Weekend House Sales By Organizers In Buenos Aires

    They're good to know about, I agree. But yes, I stopped going to these. I went to several when we were looking to furnish a rental apt. and my experience pretty much resembled lucha54's. It's a great service if you're selling, but as a buyer I felt it was a waste of time. I remember thinking the...
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    Papel Manteca / Parchment Paper

    I buy it at the chino across the street and have never had any issues. I'm an avid baker and don't use it for cakes. Just cookies. For cakes I just use cooking spray or oil and then a light dusting of flour!
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    San Telmo Apt. Available In Sept

    Our San Telmo apt. will be available in September. Furnished 6-month minimum stay 55 sq m 1 bedroom/1 bath Beautiful old building from the 1920s (tall ceilings) Lots of light Contrafrente (doesn't look onto the street), so it's very quiet On Paseo Colon between Carlos Calvo and Humberto Primo 2...
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    Inernational Post-Vol 2 Part 13

    Hi Gringoboy, so your birthday card went to the local post office and not to your house? I'm assuming you got the paper saying you had to pay 40 pesos?