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    Lan Cyber Monday 25 & 26 Low Prices....!!

    Cyber Monday at Despegar
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    Anyone Going To The Bitcoin Conference Next Weekend In Bsas?

    Poor lad:
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    Moreno Quits ... Tommorrow Holiday....?

    3,829 for Super! This photo must be from last month.
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    Reaping The Benefits Of Long Tail Economy

    Nahh, Since I am going back and furth to Argentina a few times per year. Is there anything that has high value and can easily be sold with a neat profit? Not that I expect heaps of answers, but its worth a go;) Aiiight!
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    Cranberry Juice

    I think the spanish difference between blueberry and cranberry is this: Blueberry: Arandano Cranberry: Arandano rojo / amargo / agrio
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    Cuevas / Casa De Cambio In Palermo

    @sleuth_when house visit, do you fix amount and exchange upfront? and is there an upper limit?
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    Evaporating Movistar Credit

    About the bread. Maybe it has something to do with this; Un pan de cocaina = 1kg
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    15 Crazy Things That Only Happen In Argentina

    Also, I find it amusing that if enough drivers start honking at the toll collection, they will open up and let your car pass for free.
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    Dating For Men In Their Mid Forties?

    There is a "rule" that goes like this. Dont date someone under half your age pluss seven. So if you are 46, your limit is 23+7=30. :)
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    Nobel Peace Prize 2013 To Claudia Paz Y Paz?

    Ok, then it will be the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
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    Nobel Peace Prize 2013 To Claudia Paz Y Paz?

    Whats your guess? Less than 23hs left..
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    Alice Munro, Canadian Wins The Nobel Prize For Literature

    She has been a serious candidate for many years. But only when she in her, now, winning novel suggests that this will be her last piece. Then they have to give it to her, before its too late. She is 82.
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    Strange Request From A Potential Employeer In Uruguay

    Any serious business that wants foreign employees will facilitate the relocation process.
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    What Classic Car To Get?

    Does anybody know how it is to export classic cars from Argentina? Cost etc.
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    Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union

    He got it for his strong push and vision of disarmament and a world free of nuclear weapons. Next year it will go to South America.