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    THE KILLKENNY 60 peso two pints wtf

    I actually questioned the manager there re the price,after he,d poured it,he said it was because it was imported and hand pulled,at that point I refused to pay and walked out...:rolleyes:
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    Velez vs Santos 10pm tonight!! Anyone want to go.

    watching it now,hope it,s better than the Boca game
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    Making a joke out of insecurity or even this,amazing ...
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    Trip to San Isidro

    the market will be open,in front of the Cathedral
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    English Teachers - Need Your Input

    go freelance if you can and build up a nucleus of students,it also benefits you as you can choose your working hours to suit you,good luck
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    Susanne from London

    there,s a huge difference phil!!!:cool:
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    I,m closeby in San isidro...
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    Left my passport in an unregestered taxi and leaving the country!!HELP!

    if that was the case, the police would take it(well any sensible police officer would)to your embassy
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    Left my passport in an unregestered taxi and leaving the country!!HELP!

    go first thing in the morning to the country,s embassy of the authorised passport...que lastima Rose we went on a cruise to Brazil and Uruguay last week and forgot our boys birth certificates as we were due to sail from Puerto Madero,I had to fly by taxi back to San isidro and arrived in the...
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    Native mature nanny needed in Tigre or zona norte

    hey.I can,t pm you for some reason..I replied to Lucia(WCN) but her e-mail address will not accept my scanned documents!!
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    Yes, we have no bananas...and other former imports too
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    Reporting contact with an international fugitive in BA?

    so he,s about 27 years of age.....a bit young
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    In search of fun!

    you can have my headache if you want:confused: