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    Bolivia info/book

    Hi All- I'm going to Bolivia in a few weeks and was just wanted to post this on the off chance that someone has a bolivia travel guide that i could buy or borrow from them. Also if anyone knows a place that has a decent selection of travel books. I've come across the lonely planet bolivia one a...
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    NYC Bagels

    I have to also say I love Amaranta- not just for the bagels, but the rest of the menu full of things I know we're all craving. I work around the corner from Amaranta so I've started getting toasted bagels to go with cream cheese and marmalade for only 7 pesos. They also have great bunch menus...
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    Sunday we have Elections

    It's a bummer because I wanted to go to a bar to watch the US vs. Brazil Confederation Cup Final on Sunday...guess not haha
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    Coffeeshop in Palermo Viejo-- please suggest

    hey mark's deli on armenia and el salvador is my suggestion. great coffee bar selection, sandwiches and salads. it is cash only however.
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    Iguazu/ brazil visa issues

    Hey Everyone- My brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit me in a few weeks and we're going to make the trip up to the falls for a few days. I know that Americans need visas to enter Brazil in general but was interested in personal experience in the falls area. I know plenty of...
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    Fine Raised for Overstaying Visas

    yeah i have no idea what the deal was that day i guess. however i was definitely told to get my number at the back desk next to the prorragas area.this is where the woman the first day told me to come back to and a client told me to go, so it's odd they did it at the front today....? so im...
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    Fine Raised for Overstaying Visas

    Thanks for the actual info David but I would still like to hear from someone who is going to migraciones soon, or has since the 21st when the price was changed. Like I said, I was pretty sure that I just encountered uninformed or lazy employees but all of the ones I talked to, especially at the...
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    Fine Raised for Overstaying Visas

    I was only trying to renew my 90 day tourist visa and they simply told me that was not an option. Again, I'm not sure if this is really the case now or if I encountered misinformed employees (although I ultimately talked to about 5 of them...) Also you can tell they are undergoing changes...
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    Immigration Lines/Renewing with Kids/Kids Leaving Country with One Parent

    Just wanted to share an updated story about my visit to the migraciones office: After a few days trips to Colonia fell through I decided to take my chances in line at the immigration office for my visa renewal. Yesterday (first attempt), I arrived at 10 am and was told all the numbers had been...
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    Gym - aires up

    Hey amat- I also just joined aires up about 2 weeks ago. i'd love to join you and your friend for a class sometime! let me know
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    I also went to Ryan for a cut a few weeks ago with great results as well! I also agree with amat that the company was great, lively conversation and yes-adorable puppy!
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    Esplendor in Palermo HyWd or Soho?

    Hey EMR- I stayed at the Soho location for a few days while waiting to move into my apartment a few blocks away in January. The staff was great: very helpful and willing to go out of their way to make things easy for me (when i didn't know the city or the language well). The room was very nice...
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    Safety/ Crime Problem?

    I lived in Sevilla, Spain for a semester a few years ago and knew more people who were robbed/pick-pocketed there than I currently do here in BsAs. The drive-by "moto robbing" was extremely popular there. Overall, like many have pointed out before, it's a big city, and like any big city in the...
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    Place to watch march madness?

    or the alamo? uruguay and santa fe
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    A big 'hullo!'!

    I sent you a pm with some info