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    Does anyone here have experience getting a tourist Visa to Bolivia?

    ....Or know of any professionals who specialize in that process? (In short: little online documentation, weird requirements like an affidavit of financial solvency, no instructions on how to pay for it etc... argh!) Thank you!!! morgan
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    Are some Argentinian universities far more prestigious than others?

    Ummmm I’m the undergraduate interviewer in Arg for my American university and we get tons of applicants every year. They CERTAINLY do send their kids abroad, I see it first hand: they just don’t let the plebeians know they are doing that!
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    Are some Argentinian universities far more prestigious than others?

    Historically, UBA was very prestigious; but for political reasons has had a steep and steady decline (plummet?) since the 70s — very comparable to CUNY’s (the City University of New York) world class reputation in the 40s, 50s and 60s then steep decline from the 70s to now. Although my argument...
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    Agent claims foreigners cannot sell a house for six years

    @FamilyK — Get an Argentine lawyer who solves this type of issue. That’s the only thing to do.
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    American Citizen Killed in San Juan

    Did I read that right, that he secretly had a teenager sleeping with him and they don’t know why she was there or their relationship? Now that is f——-ed up
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    Moving to Argentina

    I know far too much about this topic so ask if you any questions. But aren’t you from a strange land that isn’t the US?
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    Anyone here pay double taxes as an Argentinian resident and US Citizen?

    Short answer: if you follow the letter of the law, then you have to pay income taxes in both countries, on income you make anywhere in the world! So it is double taxation kinda but... first see the above comment about the foreign earned income exclusion: in the US, If you do some paperwork to...
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    Shipping my personal laptop to Buenos Aires

    You have found the one issue that will unite all of the the (usually very opposed to each other!) members of this forum.
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    Seeking Awesome American Long-Term Nanny

    So! Our beloved Nanny of many years needs to return to the USA for family reasons. We are seeking a replacement - and you have a high bar to live up to! We’re a loving, traditional-ish, American-Argie young family, the cheesy sort who sit around and put on plays (just for ourselves) of our...
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    Dry Cleaner Viveza Criolla

    Haha laundering: clothing and money ;)
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    Dry Cleaner Viveza Criolla

    Ahh it makes sense that that wasn’t their name.
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    Dry Cleaner Viveza Criolla

    You know, “viveza criolla” is Argentine slang that means some combination of “street smarts” plus “chutzpah” plus “ripping people off just because you can get away with it to make an extra cent” plus “taking advantage of people because if you don’t, YOU are the sucker.” So.... I found it funny...
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    New - Wanting to move to BA asap

    Wow this may be the first time ever I agree bajo_cero but he's right on the mark. The only way to do it for an American here, if you want to make a non-trivial salary, is to work remotely for American companies/clients. Also, there is a class of "permatourists" from first world countries here...
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    English skill

    The overwhelming majority of the over-educated sub-40 crowd does. However, among the rest of the population (Ie, everyone else except for those who are both very educated and also under 40) does not. Of course there are many exceptions.