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    Permiso for Ezeiza

    Number of Argentine friends returning from the states, after arrived ( 2 days) seeing the doctor for exam, getting test for COVID and received certification. People in business can’t afford to be self quarantine for two weeks.
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    Permiso for Ezeiza

    Nancy, two days after arrive, you can do the testing and if the result is negative, there is no need for Cuarentena. Nik
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    Student visa for middle easterns

    Come via Uruguay, easy entrance and once you get here, it feels like land of milk and honey.
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    High End Recoletta Apartment

    If this is a high end apartment, wonder the low end one looks like.
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    Visiting Buenos Aires in August, thoughts?

    BA is a dangerous place like any big city around the world. You might be mugged and killed in any moment in time. Remain home where you might be robbed and killed as well. The city is infested with Chinese crawling everywhere. BA offers more than you ever imagine with beautiful places, open...
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    back pain

    Price shouldn't be an issue with a good result. Price normally determines the quality and professionalism. Most massage services in BA are just a feel good, relaxation or a trendy thing to do, instead of Treatment. Moreover, most massages only work on a superficial level and not a deep...
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    Asian Cultural Shop(s)/Areas??

    Why don't you get her something unique and a combination of an actual experience and related to an ancient way of life, such as Hindu or Thai Massage.
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    thai cury pasta

    In China Town, the thai curry and other product related to thai cooking are very expensive. check out this website on amazon, you can find anything there at a much cheaper price, good luck, this website doesn't allow me to post it so, you just use amazon and then type thai curry. nik
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    Lovely room in Almagro/Palermo.

    Hi, Be interested in seeing pictures and the size of an apartment. Actually need it from June 01 onward, if your place is good and suit my need then I can wait. thanks nikom
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    Room for rent -Barrio Norte

    Is the place still available for rent, would be interested in seeing it, need for June 01 onward and seeking a long term rental, nik
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    Free or Cheap Spanish Classes in BA

    hi Do you mean any public school in Argentina? Any idea for places to study Spanish in Boedo area. Thanks
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    Room to rent in Palermo Hollywood

    hi, I would be interested in seeing the place, currently staying in Boedo area, do you have some pictures? I can be reach at nik
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    Room to rent in Palermo Hollywood

    hi guy, would be interested in seeing your place, currently staying in Boedo area. Do you have some pictures to show, reach me at nik