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    Expat shuffle ...

    When did it happen? Could you also tell us if you had any kind of residency at that time? Did they accept your application and make you wait for a year before denying?
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    Payment methods in Argentina

    Another non-banking method is Pago Facil. Doesn't it need to be an ATM of the bank the receiver has account with?
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    Samsung charger:

    You may try the computer shopping mall called Galeria Jardin on Florida street, between Lavalle and Tucuman. I am not sure if you will find a genuine Samsung charger. You may have to settle for a generic one. But those are not too bad. Please take your laptop and the old charger to show them...
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    "It Might Be Time To Get Out Of Argentina"

    Has this textbook theory ever worked in Argentina?
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    "It Might Be Time To Get Out Of Argentina"

    Peso is going down again. It crossed 23 per dollar today. The 40% interest rate could not keep things together for more than 2 days. Govt is now thinking about taking a loan of $30bn USD from IMF...
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    "It Might Be Time To Get Out Of Argentina"

    With the currency being artificially so strong for decades, it is almost impossible to open up competition in any form.
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    "It Might Be Time To Get Out Of Argentina"

    Peso's slide has stopped a bit. Interest rate hiked to 40%. A lot can change in the next few hours though.
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    The Macri Debate

    In other news, investors are not finding Argentina attractive at all. More and more people are talking about the resemblance between the current situation and 2001 disaster (corralito). I am scared.
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    Selling Dollars At Bank

    For a few hours today the official rate was much higher than the blue rate. Probably that's what confused the OP. Peso depreciated 7.8 per cent today and I guess the cuevas didn't keep up.
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    Inflation ???

    This. Also I don't know why members in this forum don't talk about food safety and standards that much. With inflation in prices, things can start a race to the bottom.
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    Rich One is right. If the intention is not to go underwater, you may visit the museum near Mar del Plata navy base.
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    Found one
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    desparate for raw or PASTEUIZED milk

    Just boil the hell out of it.
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    Overstaying 90-day limit

    Just to keep it updated - Prorroga is now $900 pesos for non Mercosur countries. Also, Habilitacion de Salida is $3000 pesos if you overstay for more than 2 years.