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    ya but its completely understandable that the owner would want u to pay the last month rent and not use the damage deposit, just in case there is any damage. Its fair that they let u leave for the noise but i also think its fair that u pay your last month like your supposed to, not every owner...
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    Friend Looking For English Conversation Classes! Teachers?

    hi , my argy friend is looking for advanced english conversation classes! if there are any teachers interested please pm me and ill pass you his contact info! thanks
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    C-Sections In Ba

    although i am also a C-section baby ( my mom had all 3 of us by c-section) i was very adamant about having my baby through natural childbirth (exempt with epidural relief haha!) the healing process is much quicker and less painful in the long run and its also nice to give birth as natural as...
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    Extra Jack Johnson Tickets???

    hey! i know this is a long shot, but unfortunately i was too late to get free jack johnson tickets for today! wondering if maybe anyone got some and can't go? we would looooove to see him today!
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    Looking For Temp Apartment In Palermo Soho!

    looks beautiful but WAY over my budget! thanks anyways:)
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    Looking For Temp Apartment In Palermo Soho!

    thank you!!! I'm hoping to find a place pretty close, because they will be helping me with my newborn, where is it more or less in palermo hollywood?
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    Looking For Temp Apartment In Palermo Soho!

    hey! i have my mom and sister visiting next friday Feb 7 and I'm looking for an apt to rent that close to ours (palermo soho, close to plaza serano or Julian alvarez) as they will be coming back and forth! it would be from Feb 7- Feb 15th, then i need to rent again march 1st-april 1st! if the...
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    I Need Help With A Rental Problem, Please!

    Yes, I know for long term contracts, you have to pay the expenses, and at some point they will definitely go up, and it's the renters responsibility to pay. But if they are just doing work around the building, a paint job, fixing something etc. it's called extraordinario and the owner pays that...
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    I Went To Burger King Today

    just got back!!! suddenly i needed a hamburger!!! super recommendable! i had the blue cheese, with mushroom and sun dried tomatoes. $65 for the combo with a glass of really good Artesenal beer!!!! really good:)
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    I Went To Burger King Today

    burger joint looks good ,but holy did they ever serve raw burgers in some of those pics!
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    Spanish -English Translation Of A Birth Certificate

    one of my best friends here is a legal translator! PM if you;re still looking and need her mail!
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    Cleaning Lady

    hey! we are in need of a cleaning lady once or twice a week for about 4 hours each time! i know its not too many hours, but if anyone knows of a trustworthy, dependable cleaning lady looking for some extra hours, please let me know! My baby is arriving soon and mama can't move anymore :lol: PS...
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    Foreigners (Tourists & Non-Res) Cannot Use Ars For Travel

    but isn't the legal currency in argentina pesos? i can understand the internation flights, but buying a perfume, and having to pay in dollars is ridiculous, as well as paying hotels in USD! This is Argentina not the US! PS: i have have my residency so this will not affect me, but I think its...
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    Recommend An Air Conditioner Installer?!!

    thanks so much! unfortunately it seems to be impossible to have it done this weekend:(
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    Recommend An Air Conditioner Installer?!!

    Thank you!!!