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    Domaine Bousquet Chardonnay Grande Reserve

    Hi all On the off chance: anyone happen to come across Domain Bousquet grande reserve chardonnay in their (local) travels? Had it in Mendoza and thought it great. Would like to pick up a few bottles. Haven't had any luck in stores so far, though haven't searched high and low. The only place...
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    Xmas Gifts For Building Staff

    Hello all K and I are planning to give a small Christmas gift to the doormen and cleaners in our building. Any cultural issues to consider? Wouldn't want to make people feel obliged to reciprocate. We're thinking a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. Or would money be more...
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    South American Sparkling Wine Rec's?

    Good show, lads - several to try. Will go in search of the Codorniu this weekend. That should leave enough time to think of a plausible excuse...
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    South American Sparkling Wine Rec's?

    Thanks, all. Can't say I agree with John's assessment of Chandon, which I've sampled a fair bit of in UK and Australia. The Argentinian version is quite different - less complex, more fizz, and considerably sweeter. I might've been a dud batch, but it tasted a lot like the other couple of...
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    South American Sparkling Wine Rec's?

    Hello all Christmas approaching, what have you got in the way of sparkling wine recommendations? Anything dry and domestic that's worth a try? Failing that, best spot for imports? Or are they all prohibitively expensive?
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    Liliana Heker Short Story Translation

    Hello Dario Nice work, I quite enjoyed the piece - liked Remus, though found the use of an amateur writing contest as a plot device, particularly by an older, established writer, a bit unworthy and unendearing. The story doesn't, say, reach for the heights of Fahrenheit 451... In terms of...
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    Carrying Guitar On Aerolineas Flights?

    Hi all Anyone had experience taking a guitar as carry on with Aerolineas? Their website's ambiguous - may or may not be allowed in a soft case. The guitar's only a cheapie, so prepared to take my chances at the airport. Any tips (bribe the check in staff?) welcome. I don't even have a case for...
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    Apartment Recommendations In Lima?

    Hi all K and I are heading up to Lima for a couple of weeks. The prices for apartments on AirBnB are much higher than BA, which seems peculiar. Anyone have ideas about finding furnished short-term rentals? I found a peru expats board but they only seemed to have professional listings. We're...
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    Afl Grand Final

    28th? Wouldn't you rather watch the wobblies get smashed by the saffas?
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    All Blacks Tickets?

    Brilliant work, Og! I'd given up hope. Thanks to you, I've scored two tix in the Northern stand's general entry. Will be AIG-scarfed irrespective of temperature... PM me to arrange a meet up. Others welcome. To keep the thread ticking over, thoughts on the AIG's likely team? I've heard Hansen...
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    Manning Sentenced To 35 Years In The Slammer Fair....!!

    American exceptionalism and manifest destiny rather suggest otherwise. More to the point, your own MITTechnology Review begs to differ: "Peter Bergen of the New America Foundation, who has made a thorough study of the publicly available data, estimates that from 2004 to mid-May of 2013, drone...
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    Manning Sentenced To 35 Years In The Slammer Fair....!!

    Baha Mousa's family suggest you open your other eye. As do the chaps from Abu Ghraib. (I appreciate the first example is British rather than American military.) By way of Wikipedia Reductio ad absurdum. Clearly a particular culture can exhibit...
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    Australian Election - 7 Sept

    1) Rudd was only ever brought in to save the furniture. Nobody thought he could actually win. The sudden Labor swing was unexpected in size and seemed to raise a bit of incautious optimism. Well, Rupert took care of that...I anticipate a 10 seat Lib majority. The interesting bit is that despite...
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    Rental Rate Question From Newbie

    A tent should only set you back about 1000 pesos. That said, most of the locals do without: just score a foam mattress, a blanket, and a couple of cardboard boxes and you're all set.
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    Australian Election - 7 Sept

    If only Bob Brown was still around, Greens would be cleaning up. Milne just doesn't command attention and seems shallow.