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    Photographer Looking for Contrafrente Views

    Hi, I'm an American photographer living in Buenos Aires. I'm working on a project depicting views of pulmones de manzana taken from contrafrente apartments. I'm looking to see if any readers have apartments that fit the following characteristics: - Contrafrente - between...
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    Photographer seeks "Contrafrente" views

    Hi, I'm a north american photographer doing a project about pulmones de manzana, ie those ugly interior spaces on each block. I'm looking for people who have apartments that face this interior, which are known as "contrafrente" or rear-facing. Ideally I'm looking for spots which are on floors...
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    Photographer looking for Contrafrente Vistas

    FAS - Hi, Thanks for posting the pictures. I would absolutely be interested in photographing from your balcony. Could you please email me at so we can coordinate on a day? Thanks! Thomas
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    Photographer looking for Contrafrente Vistas

    Hi, I'm an American photographer living in Buenos Aires for 2 years now. I'm currently doing a project where I'm photographing the interiors of city blocks, known as pulmones de manzana. I'm basically looking for people who live in contrafrente apartments who would let me come over and...
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    The coming USA currency crisis and Argentina

    The dollar has actually strengthened a bit in the last month. It can't go to zero. If the euro keeps rising it will choke off their export industries. Spain already has 20% unemployment and looks a lot like Argentina just before the crisis. All the world's major economies can't simultaneously...
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    There is something I don't get...

    wow! what a great thread! I love and I hate how porteños care what I think about their city and country. I really couldn't care less what foreigners living in the US think about the country. Here, on the other hand, I find it very seductive that people [appear] to care what I think about them...
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    Cheap duffle bag

    The retiro bus station has some shops at the entrance which sell duffle bags in the 30-50 peso range. You can also go to Once, where it will be a little cheaper. Lots of vendors on Rivadavia and Pueyrredon.
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    What's with Argentine's using ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME?

    Seriously? Do keyboards here come with the caps lock key permanently locked on MAYUSCULA? I used to work for an internet company where we classified emails written in ALL CAPS as spam. Whenever I see a text message or email written in ALL CAPS, I feel a visceral reaction that the person...
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    The Coin Shortage is OVER

    For the last 2-3 months I've noticed it's been markedly easier to get change. Today on three separate occasions I was due 6 pesos in change. Rather than give me 3 two pesos notes I was given a fiver and a one peso coin. That my local chino would rather give up a coin rather than a Mitre is proof...
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    Missing Molars

    This is a weird question and I don't mean to offend but as a dental & orthodontics obsessed Californian I can't help but notice the number of 20 and 30-somethings missing molars. Is this just bad dental hygiene or is there some sort of culturally specific dental practice to remove rear molars...
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    Banelco now charging 11 pesos - Any experience with HSBC?

    Kyra - please let us know which banks!!! Anyway, here's the response I got from HSBC's US customer service. Bottom line: they charge 3% just like everyone else. With my current account which charges nothing, paying 11 pesos is roughly 2% on 600 pesos so I'm still better off with my current...
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    Banelco now charging 11 pesos - Any experience with HSBC?

    I used to work at a large bank and so I know for a fact that their foreign currency desks pay something like 0.2% to change money. If Citibank is charging their retail customers 3% on transactions that's a 15x mark-up. Citi and HSBC are the only banks with branches both here and in the US...
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    Banelco now charging 11 pesos - Any experience with HSBC?

    There's gotta be a way to turn dollars into pesos without paying 300 basis points. This isn't alchemy. I better start making friends with arbolitos. FYI, I use a checking account with First Republic. They don't charge any currency conversion fee above the 1% charged by Visa, which is...
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    Banelco now charging 11 pesos - Any experience with HSBC?

    It looks like as of today Banelco is charging 11.50 pesos per withdrawal, copying Link, which put in place this charge a couple of weeks ago. I'm not surprised altho this still sucks. On the plus side it now looks like the withdrawl limit has been raised to 600 pesos from 300. I was wondering...
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    Chile Tourist Fee if you're Just Stopping Over?

    Hi, I'm looking at airfares to the US and there are a couple which have stopovers in Chile. As an American citizen if I fly into Santiago to stay I'm subject to their reciprocity fee which, for Americans, is something like $130. Anyway, my question is, if I'm flying into Santiago just as a...