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    Western Union money transfer

    I received from WU and didnt sign anything. I had a friend send me 150,000 and received. I would like to send more but I wouldn't mind some more information about what is likely to happen with AFIP.
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    Western Union money transfer

    I would be careful about sending pesos from WU to a friend's Argentine bank account. From what I have been told you are allowed 55,000 per month into your bank account. After this AFIP will come after your friend. They might be hit with a tax bill at the end of the year. But this was something I...
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    cashing out bitcoin while not being a resident

    I have a lot of connections in the bitcoin argentina circle. If anyone needs to buy or sell to someone trustworthy, I can pass you on a few numbers. People with offices and security who will pay a good price.
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    Christmas dinner

    For any expats at a loose end on the 25th, there is a dinner in Lekker smokehouse in Palermo. PM me if you are interested.
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    5 A Side Soccer

    I am looking to start an expat 5 a side football league. I already have a decent number of interested It would be all international teams, so you would need to have 5 players from your country to play. I would provide good original jerseys for every team and there will be refs, a website with a...
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    Question About Residency

    Does anyone here have residency, who can answer my question. I was told I needed to get all of my documents stamped back in Ireland, before they will accept them here. I need to get my birth cert, police record, and parent's birth certs stamped. Do I need to get this done by notary public or...
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    Rooms To Rent In San Telmo

    Looking to rent rooms in the heart of San Telmo, in massive PH, with enormous terrace. PM me for details and photos. Looking for short term tenants.
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    Sales Job, Start Immediately

    European Sports Marketing firm looking for experienced sales people to drive Advertising Sales at Premium Sports Events internationally! Very exciting opportunity for someone to get into this lucrative market and take part in some of the most exciting sports entertainment events globally...
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    Anyone Need A Painter?

    I wish I had seen this a month ago. I paid over 3000 pesos to have a tiny apartment painted. I thought it was somebody trying to rip off the foreinger, so I had my Argentine assistant call around, and that is the standard price. That included 850 pesos worth of paint. 200 pesos, assuming he does...
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    Alternatives To Xoom
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    Things to do with kids in winter

    Hi, I realize this is the women's forum, but I need a bit of advice. I recently separated from my gf, and I have my 19 month old son for the whole day on Saturdays. I dont' want to have him in the apartment all day, but as it's too cold, the park is no longer an option. Does anyone have any...
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    book imports

    I ordered a book from amazon about 4 months ago, and it arrived at my door without any problems or extra charges. I then stupidly chanced a kindle, and had to pay the value of the kindle again, when it arrived :)
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    Overstaying visa?

    I over stayed by 18 months my 1st time, and by 2 years my 2nd time. I just got back a week ago, and had no problems at all.
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    Recommendation for place to sell dollars

    looking to sell euros. Can someone pm me also, if they know a good place
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    Irish guy moving to Ba

    Not sure Jambot has ever been to BA. I m Irish, I ve been here 4 years and love it. Plenty of Irish here, and about 6 Irish bars, that I know of. Send me a private when you are coming.