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    Airport arrival instructions SAFE CAB & CASH - true story!

    Instructions to get a SAFE CAB & CASH. 1) As you exit the customs check, you will see lots of booths offering taxi service. Do not go outside this area before you arrange for a taxi service. You should go to the the booth marked "REMISES", and pay by credit card. It is a flat fee around...
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    Real Gaucho Ranch?

    We are looking for something to do for this long 3 day weekend. We were thinking of finding a Gaucho Ranch. Anyone know of one? or does anyone have idea of what we could do 2/25-2/27? Thanks - Tom
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    New and already had a gun pulled on me

    I live in Palermo - and I've been attending this school so far so good:
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    Don't Change Money at Global Exchange Ezeiza

    For those of you that are still making plans to come here do this for your cash checking account. Get yourself a Charles Schwab High Yield checking account - they have to open an investors account for you first, then the checking account. BUT they give you a debit/visa card - no minimum...
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    Tourist killed in Plaza San Martin

    Where is Villa 31, I can't find it on google maps.
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    Tourist killed in Plaza San Martin

    Where exactly did this happen? I can't find Villa 31 on google maps
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    New to BSAS - from CHICAGO, IL

    Buenos Dias! New to BSAS as of about 1 week ago. I'm here visiting till the end of May and my partner is here till the end of June for work. Interested in finding a cheap Spanish class while I'm here. We live in the Palermo area. Tom :rolleyes: