15 Reason Why I Like Ba Living ...


1. Great wines at bargain basement prices.
2. All the kissing you can handle. (I know it's superficial but still fun.)
3. More flea markets than you can shake a stick at.
4. Cobble stone streets.
5. Used books stores everywhere, BA is for book lovers.
6. Free tango lessons.
7. More green space Per Cap than most major cosmopolitan cities.
8. You get more bang for your buck than in the US.
9. All the sidewalk cafes & restaurants.
10. Flower stands that are open 24 hrs.
11. Beautiful & free Botanical Gardens with friendly kitties to play with .
12. Sensuous, & friendly women.
13. Never have to worry about shoveling snow.
14. Fresh produce & green markets on Saturday though out the city. I use the one in San Telmo.
15. Alcohol drinking in public is perfectly legal & normal. (Try that in NYC !!! )
Thank you for starting this thread. Is No.7 true though? Have things changed much over the last decade?
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Think 7 is false.
Yes a bunch of international organizations criticize BA because apparently it has less than 2 square metres of green space per inhabitant, but the rankings I've seen seem very arbitrary. Bogota for example is supposed to be one of the worst cities for green space, yet it has a huge green mountain right next to the city that anyone with the legs for it can walk up, Similarly, Buenos Aires has all the open space of the Parana Delta just a train ride from the centre of the city.

Ronnie Hotdogs

I would say that the city is a bit short on green space just judging by the sheer quantity of people in the parks on any day.
Can’t move sometimes, maybe it’s also because of the amount of small flats that people live in that have no outside space,