15 Reason Why I Like Ba Living ...


Ha, gladly! I'm close to the Facultad de Medicina Subte stop on Viamonte. He's actually the butcher that works in my chino. If your nearby PM me and I can give you the address. Cooking chicken curry with his chicken chunks as I type!
do tell! i cannot do PM as am new here, but that would be my station in near future! and greengrocers names also ;)

My 2 cents re BA and liking it:

- intensity of colour, air density at sunset. seen from Recoleta, Palermo, Barrio Norte
- stars shine differently - are closer? - seen from Mataderos.
- people are more normal than a standard western metropolis; i do not say 'normal' but closer to middle of gaussian distribution
- climate
- strawberries taste more as they should ;)
- capitalist living in a socialist country.
- people ;)


My butcher is inside the chino market on the Viamonte 2000 block between Junin and Ayacucho. Don't know the exact address, but it's the only chino on the block. I rarely buy beef so couldn't comment on quality in comparison to other places, but I'm satisfied with how he handles his chickens! :)


i like argentinian food, and i like better a minuta in a cheap Fonda instead of plastic food like Pizza Hut, McDonald's or any fast food chain. Of course the good food will find in the expensive restaurants like in other countries.
i like the churros with hot chocolate in the breakfast.
i like Astor Piazzolla, Polaco Goyeneche. Anibal Troilo, the complaint of a bandoneon and, obviously, Gardel, Maradonna and Messi.


When I first came to Argentina I loss 10 kilo in 6 months - without even trying. It's a good country to lose weight if you insist on eating something tasty or not at all.


Don't know if it's been mentioned, but I look forward to lighting the bbq every Friday night in our small patio and savouring the sizzle of chorizos and matambre de cerdo.
Accompanied by my lovely lady and a glass of Malbec, this is the best therapy I know of.
I really have enjoyed reading through this thread, it seems to me that the contented folks on here have the strong bonds of friendship and family to fall back on and the general air is that the Argentinians are a warm people. I suppose I can understand that in comparison to London, where I have lived for seven years, life in Buenos Aires might seem a tad monocultural. There is a common theme that maybe the food there is not particularly varied and I can certainly attest to the massive variety of high quality food here.....if you know where to find it.

I will say this though, for those who have any experience of London as a city that they moved to, it is so, so hard to make friends. I believe after all this time, I have two and one of those is from my home area. The other is an Australian that is thinking of going home. Unless you have family here, London is a lonely place. It can show you a good time but it will never love you back. Materially, I have not struggled in London, I have endured the harshness enough to become established and to do quite well for myself, I could not argue against it as a great place to advance your career. For access to culture where better could you be? But But But.....it is such a cold place.

I stayed in Buenos Aires such a short time and I am careful not to even pretend to know it, however, I have a comfortably life in one of the "best cities in the world" and, the lack of warmth I have experienced here is not compensated by anything material. It seems that BsAs may be eccentrically organised, might be frustrating in very many ways, may have boring food and any number of complaint worthy failings, but is seems friendly and warm and there is a sense that if you make an effort, you might be embraced. That is something that is WORTH something.