2 tourists shot outside Faena Hotel P. Madero

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There's a theory that the two British men were marked upon landing at Ezeiza, and followed to Puerto Madero.

That sounds too far-fetched. It is more likely that the assailants figured that anyone who could afford the Faena was worth robbing, and hanged around the hotel entrance looking for a juicy prey.


Motochorro's can't exactly carry much luggage, so it makes no sense for them to follow people with a ton of luggage from the airport and then just steal handheld items.


To the ex pats arguing that it can happen anywhere, while it is true that crime can happen anywhere, perhaps it is my naïveté but the ruthlessness and modus operandi of HOW these crimes take place in Argentina, usually are the reason why many of these occurrences are talked about for months and even years.

The motochorro thing while I’m sure isn’t exclusive to Buenos Aires, the fact that someone in a motorbike will literally speed by a 75 year old lady and yank a pearl choker off her neck pushing her to the ground nearly killing her and then speed off as if nothing had happened, in front of the Alvear is totally cringeworthy and has a ton of shock value.

This is also true with what someone else mentioned of Argentines having “fake” safes in their homes to deter thieves from the “good stuff”, going to the bank and having armed guards in a small room to get cash, among other things.


@perry, you're not a keyboard worrier by any chance, are you?
You mean why are we so expressive and voice views / opinion. I think the forums were designed for ppl to give an opinion.
And when did I ask you to leave??? Of the 5000 Aussie you mention, name me 5. I know of one particular case that didn't like or adapt to the Australian way and returned to Arg.
And looks like nothing, you can stay here and be a free person, I have no control over you or you decision but to make a comment that Marci's Gov would filtered such news is pathetic and coming from an expat, way below the belt.
Yes Argentina is Glorious and Magnificent but poorly governed.
It will take generations of criollos to understand that politics should not be treated like a "futbol" team mentality but to elected what is best for the country and not for one weekend worth of "sidra y choripan"

Happy to discuss further if need be.

Back home we have to saying to ppl who criticise my beloved donwunder. 1- Love her or leave her. 2- FIFO: Fit In or F- - - Off.

Marcelo by the way I am a Argentinian citizen with a passport . Your belittering comment coming from an expat way below the belt shows your inherent xenofobia . I despised Macri and his government and it destroyed many a good people and their businesses . I believe it to be the worst government in the history of Argentina for the economic decline in such a short time .

You talk about Australia like you are a expert . Doubt you would know more about the culture than me as I was born there and grew up in the glory years of the 1960s and 1970s . Australians back then had a lot of balls and were very outspoken and blunt . Now with political correctness and overgovernment Australia is a shadow of its former self . I know very well the Argentinian community in Fairfield and when they first came they were on benefits for many years and given government housing . Still the Argentinians I knew would always complain about Australia back then saying that there was no life on the streets and that Buenos Aires had more culture and more this and more that . Still noone ever said lets stop them coming because Australians have a fair go mentality even if it is to their detriment .

Argentina gives absolutely nothing for foreign expats in return and then on top of it taxes the hell out of them if they dare open a business . Still I enjoy Argentina and have had some great times here until the last years which changed the landscape of my life and millions of others . Macris policies and terrible mismanagement of Argentinas finances will haunt it for many years and has created the situation that we are in now with a risk that the policies of this country will turn to the radical left ( which I am not in favour of ) .

I believe 100% that security information was hushed up under the Macri years ,. It was rare to see news about entraderas and robberies like you did under the Kirchner years with huge articles in Clarin and La Nacion about increasing crime . The fact is that crime increased the last years under Macri and even in Puerto Madero which is like a country with the best security of Argentina had a four fold increase in crime in 2018 . How come we are finding out this now not earlier?
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well they don't call it third world for nothing!!. yes, you might get killed by a terrrorist in london or paris but in buenos aires and the conurbano you can see the real life butch cassidy and billy the kid!! conurbano it's the wild wild west!!


Seems to me like maybe someone in customs or airport luggage handling tipped these guys off to something nice coming into the country. This is one of the reasons I'm afraid to go to the banks and withdraw large amounts of money. Who knows who the bank teller knows?


Looking at different cameras and angles its noticeable that the driver of the minibus carrying the luggage and the bellman/porter of the hotel are present and both stand well off from the action even as the attackers wade in manually before weapons used. Within moments of the attackers leaving there are several people attending the injured including two who look like policemen. The main protagonist defender I suppose is the stepson and he takes on three of them vigorously. If I were hotel manager I would arrange for an armed doorman to be now present at all times but especially when limos and minibuses with passengers from the airport are arriving. If we simply hand over the valuables there's a chance the cctv cameras might eventually get the culprits but strong deterrence is better. I honestly don't know what I would do if some guy simply grabbed hold of my bag outside a big hotel. I'd be very tempted to resist.