20" Imac on the plane


Jan 5, 2010
Hi, I have to take my 20" Imac with me on the plane to Argentina as the luggage allowance is quite generous (32kgx2 checked in+5kg on-board), will put it in its original box with clothes around it, and a fragile item sticker.

I bought it 14 months ago and have the invoice to show, would there be any problems at the Customs in Buenos Aires- if in original box?
You won't have any problems getting noticed by the Customs if you bring it in the original box.

Personally, I would make the box look anonymous.
Putting it in the box will certainly draw attention to it. I wouldn't do it as you will have questions from customs.
I brought my 20'' inch iMac to Argentina back in December. I did not put it in the original box because it was my carry on (don't trust it being out of my sight). I found a bag at Ross for like $20, it's a bag used for carrying suits and used foam for extra protection. The iMac is the exact size for the carry on limit. When I came through customs I had my receipt from when I bought it. They never asked for it. The took a look at it and asked if I was a tourist. Then they asked if I was going to be taking it back with me when I left. I said yes (lie) and that was that.

In my bag I had many other electronics like External HD, Camera, cables, iPods, and other stuff, but they were only concerned with the iMac.
From London, carry-on luggage limit is 5kg, Imac is about 9-10kg, so yeah I may have to put it in a suitcase, and not good as they will throw it around despite the fragile sticker, although it won't draw attention. Need to find out how I can take out the leg- stand part, hopefully it is easy.

I don't want to sell it and buy a laptop as I love the Imac and use it for web design etc. I know they are quite expensive in Argentina.
Wait - you're putting it in your checked baggage:eek: I would NOT recommend that. One, you are right - it probably will get tossed around. Two, you run a risk of it not making it and disappearing in transit. I've had several (non-valuable) things disappear. Nothing goes in my checked bags that has any value.

I would highly recommend shipping it commercially if you have to have it.
citygirl said:
I would highly recommend shipping it commercially if you have to have it.

I kind of disagree with that :
- Fedex or UPS fees (airmail not recommended for such an item) = 200 US$ at least
- Custom fees : 50% of the value I guess
- Fedex broker fees : 30 or 50 US$
- Going to Ezeiza to take possession of the package

I would put it in the luggage, wrap it at the airport with the insurance and cross the fingers
Are there Customs charges if Anatolie is entering on a tourist visa and can prove it is used? If you bring it with you at the airport, you don't have to pay (assuming you are a tourist).

And sure, checked is a possibility but a) have you seen how checked bags are tossed around and b) insurance would cover it if it gets stolen/broken but then the OP still needs to replace it.

I don't know, I only have laptops but I would NEVER put a pc in checked luggage.
I am on a tourist visa and have an invoice for Imac from 14 months ago, not sure how else I can prove that it is used.

Yeah that's why the box is safe even if tossed around as there is another box inside the big box and I can put my clothes around it- it is only £40 extra= 61 usd on top of that generous luggage allowance. If put in a suitcase, higher risk of being broken but lower risk of Customs charges as they won't notice it.

I should have just bought a macbook or something when I bought this : ) but lap top ain't the same thing!
Maybe (I don't know if that's feasible), you could just bring the unit without the screen and buy a cheap used monitor here that you'll resell when you leave ?

If you clear the customs yourself with it at the airport, there are very good chances you won't pay nothing since it's officially a temporary import (if the customs officer is finicky -what I doubt of- and wants to charge you, reply with many questions as to how you will get refunded from the taxes when you leave, even if that's not the truth... He might just let you pass anyway not to bother himself).