Academy Awards/Oscars Party?


Oct 15, 2009
Anyone know if there is a place in town to chill and watch the Oscars...or am I the only dork in town?
I am sure we can find a place. And I am in. I will ask around, there has to be a place. I don't particularly like the Oscars, but what the hell...
PM me
I'm totally into the Oscars myself, doing predictions for all the categories each year and such. Being a local I can tell you that argentineans are not big on Oscars and I've never heard of a place that would host any sort of Oscar related event, BUT considering this year we have a film nominated for Best Foreign picture (El Secreto de Sus Ojos), and that the Oscars are going to be broadcasted on public tv, then who knows, there might be something, I'll look into it.
ive seen plenty of bus stop ads for them,,but havent heard anything organized as an havent.. is it this weekend or next?
BKK to BA said:
Anyone know if there is a place in town to chill and watch the Oscars...or am I the only dork in town?

BKK you are not a dork, or at least not the only one. My daughter and I are very "cholulas" very much into the holywood scene so would never miss an Oscar´s nite.
Unfortunately they always broadcast it the night before school starts so we have to wake up very early in the am. If not I would be up for going some place and watch it on a nicer tv than mine. Having said that pls keep me posted if you hear anything cool going on or if a bigger group wants to gather to watch maybe we can order pizza or empanadas and have fan doing predictions and chatting about all the fanfare.
Yeah it also starts at a ridiculous hour for a sunday night and I just can't handle the voice over of all the speeches. Oscars was already boring to watch when it was 3 hrs long... now that there's the spanish voice over of the event as well, it just drives me insane... I usually just watch the clips the next day on you tube!
The voice over is indeed very annoying, but that can be easily bypassed on a SAP tv.