Any Academy Award Events in BA?


Feb 14, 2009
Does anyone know of any Oscar viewing events on Feb. 22? Thanks in advance.
Don't know that there will be that many, as the ceremony usually starts around midnight BA time (on a sunday night...) -- I think E! has preshows and so does one of the movie channels. Watching the ceremony is more annoying than anything since they do live-dubbing. You can just about hear some of the english under the spanish, but never enough, I usually find it ends up all garbled and more annoying than anything. Better to watch it on Youtube the next day!
to find a place with satellite. For example, during the presidential debates last fall, they showed them on CNN in English in The Alamo in Hollywood. Is The Alamo or Sugar having anything with channels in English?
I'd go to one if we can find a a place... This is my last wind here before I leave & make my final "stop" in LA before moving on elsewhere...