Accessing your cash in BA


EMR said:
If you convert dollars to pesos at amex they give you the days interbank rate which is in between the normal buy sell. But you do not have to get pesos. I use schwab to get pesos out of the atm because there are no fees but if I need dollars, I go to AMEX. Amex will give you dollars, I have cashed more than 10 personal checks there over the last year and have walked out with 5k in dollars (100's) each time. The limit is 5k per calendar month. SO if you take dollars, no fee at all.
Sooner or later ya gotta spendem, right?

Will Disco give a better dollar to peso rate than AMEX?

If you take dollars without paying the conversion fee at AMEX, you will probably pay more when you pay with the same dollars at a store like DISCO.


In addition to Schwab, E-Trade also does not charge foreign transaction fees and reimburses for any ATM fee. I am curious if anyone has used both a Schwab and an eTrade card at the same time to see which gives the better rate.

With eTrade you can open up a brokerage account and/or a checking account and get a debit card for both.


For those that have access to it, PNC Bank doesn't charge any fees of any kind on certain accounts (not just the fancy ones). In the US, it reimburses for foreign (as in non-PNC Bank, not as in outside the US) ATM fees. And for comparison, for withdrawals made today (Tuesday, July 7) here in Buenos Aires (at a Comfi Bank across the street, but it doesn't make any difference), I got 3.798/dollar. (According to the sidebar on Pagina12, the exchange today was 3.78 to buy and 3.82 to sell, so I got just on the short side of the average.)


Do ATM machines offer Visa cash withdraw? I'm from Australia where ANZ bank offer a Visa travel card which has a flat rate $2.20USD withdraw fee. Otherwise will I have to get a cirrus network debit card to access cash from an ATM? Any advice from Aussie expats would be appreciated.


My only caution is be careful where you keep your cash. After getting mugged in the street I had my bank wire me down $5000. Banco Piano has a great service where they only charge you something like A$R20 to receive wire transfers.

BUT THEN, my apartment was broken into and they got nearly all the cash. And I live in a secure building in the best part of Recoleta. Problem is, the theives target foreigners for break-ins, knowing they will probably have cash in the apartment. There were other break-ins here as well (one was another foreigner). We suspect the Portero is involved, tipping them off as to when we will be away and then, quite possibly opening the door for them.

In my personal experience, over 18 months, crime in this city (while rarely violent) is out of control.

Oh, and by the way everyone, the old A$R300 limit on ATM withdrawals seems to have been raised to A$R750, at least at Banelco machines.

Cheers, RR


I have to vouch one more time for Schwab. And, you can get your ATM shipped express (Which I think is Fed Ex 2-3 business days) for something like $15. You can transfer funds into your Schwab easily as well. Oh and if you are creating an account, they have a separate call center staff for that, so your wait is usually less than 2 minutes any time of the day. It's also 24 7. Last week I pulled out $2500 over 3 withdrawals at the citibank on callao in Recoleta to pay rent, no problem.

Now does anyone konw what the exchange rate is given for Schwab?