Advice needed for Argentina Country Profile


Sep 23, 2005
Hello, writing again from Forum for Americans Retiring Abroad. The traffic and posts are finally starting to pick up, so I would like to include some more countries in the Retirement Country Profiles section.
I don't have Argentina yet. I spent some time in BA and know some general stuff like about costs, visas, and culture, but welcome some input on what key points you think belong in a short profile about Argentina as possible destination for Americans retiring abroad.
Some specific questions:
-- other than Buenos Aires, what areas of the country (including suburbs) do you think would have the most appeal to Americans retiring abroad?
-- level of anti-Americanism
--how much is a basic middle class house in a decent BA suburb to rent or buy?
--is it 100 percent necessary to learn Spanish? Can the medical system be accessed without Spanish? Do most doctors speak English?
--Are cars priced similar to the US, less, or are there massive import taxes?
And anything else relevant you think it would be important to include.
Some samples for other countries:
There are also a few posts already about Argentina:

Feel free to comment here, or send an email to user retireaway on the retireaway site. Thanks!