American Airlines cancelled my flight and booked me 18 days later. What to do?


AA gets the information around the same time the media does - when the Argentine government (ANAC, the body in charge of civil aviation, after consulting with Ministry of Health and others) grants its approval. Sometimes the approvals come in bit by bit rather than all at once - meaning until it’s actually declined, airlines will continue to sell it.

In the small print flights are often sold “subject to governmental approval” or similar in the terms of carriage you agree to when buying a ticket. It is common practice industry and worldwide for airlines to sell seats that are not guaranteed to operate, but are hopeful of getting permission from the relevant authorities to operate as scheduled. For this reason last year we saw Argentina completely ban all scheduled commercial international flights because so many people were stranded and the government argued that capacity into Argentina needed to be reduced for sanitary reasons. Now that ban is gone, airlines are free to sell what they want but it’s buyer beware since approvals are revised every few weeks by the Argentine government who is about as predicable and dependable as ... Argentina ;-)
So how far ahead are flights approved? I still don't understand the website that is cited here. How can they know that certain dates from DFW are not approved when the government has not made any decisions?


The website is just journalism, a consolidation of information from available sources. What they say is approved is indeed generally approved and announced as so, however don’t take it a a guarantee - things can still change for a multitude of reasons.

No fixed schedule for approvals however. Generally every 2 weeks or so, but in May/ June we saw approvals coming only days before some flights we scheduled to take off.

Unfortunately this wishy-washy answer it’s just the way it is. You’re better off going via MIA if you possibly can. It’s all part and parcel of traveling to and from this country during a pandemic that is still in full swing down here.