American Picnic


Jun 18, 2005
Just curious how many on this list are going next sat. to the American Community picnic? Happy 4th of July in April!
Could you share with us some details about this event?
The picnic is held every year in April. its a 4th of July celebration and I believe its partly organized by the US Embassy. The ambassador and some other staff will be there and will speak at the opening ceremony. The reason for holding the outdoor picnic in April is that its too cold in July.
Its held at the Lincoln School in the suburbs, right next to the river. The train stop is La Lucia. The price is 15 pesos, and if i remember right that includes all you can eat hamburgers, watermelon. Also the embassy store is there, so you have an opportunity to buy a small selection of american good and patriotic t shirts etc. I remember they had Pop Tarts last year. not something im missing but maybe some kids will. Tickets always sell out and im not sure if any are left. They are very strict with ID. it seemed to me last year, most of the people there were either connected with the school or with the embassy.
For tickets (BTW, as of april 5th, i have one extra ticket if somone wants to buy it) call Jackie at 4803-3544
So, how many people on this list already have tickets and are going? anyone?