American Retired Expat Specific Issues


Sep 23, 2005
Hi there,
I love Buenos Aires, but have chosen to retire in Thailand instead. I am running a forum board for Americans retiring abroad, including of course Argentina. This board doesn't compete with this charming site, rather it is an international board with this focus. For example, it is a place for Americans to talk about things like keeping their tax filings legal, social security status, and so on, with Americans all over the world. Frankly, most of the early members are still in the USA, that is why I am doing expat recruiting. If you are an American retired in BA or considering retiring in BA, you are most welcome to participate. Thanks for listening:
BTW, if someone on this board wants to introduce baexpats at RetireAway, you are most welcome.
BTW: If you are also considering Thailand, be warned that in Thailand there is a 300 percent import tax on wine, so those lovely bottles of Malbec you can buy for 5 dollars there, will cost more like 30 dollars. And Thai beef is just awful! Also, you can't legally own land and if you overstay your visa, you can end up in a horrible third world jail. Hey, no place is perfect!