An American Nurse in Buenos Aires


Hi everyone! I was wondering if any knows how I can get my Illinois nursing license validated in Buenos Aires. I want to, hopefully, work as a nurse here. In fact, I had an interview today and was told by the nursing coordinator that the job is mine. Before starting though, the nursing coordinator told me I had to get my nursing degree approved, basically making sure that it's equivalent to a nursing degree here. I was told to contact the Ministerio de Salud. I emailed them but haven't heard anything yet. If anyone has information for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to start working soon:)Thanks,Erika


Carlosgreat said:
My advice, don't email them just go and knock doors. universities, hospitals etc. best wishes
Didn't erikab2 say the job was already hers and now needs to contact the Ministerio de Salud? If so, going there in person is a must. Here is a link their website:

The address: Área de Registro Único de Profesionales
Av. 9 de julio 1925 - Horario de atención: 9:30 a 15:30.

Lee is right, but it will take more than luck. Working as a nurse here will also require residency. Given that, "working soon" may not be as easy as hoped.

Erika, I am also from Illinois and can help you with the required documents for residency if desired (unless you already have it).

Best wishes, Steve