Animal Cruelty


Jun 18, 2005
I just read this recent disturbing post on the Lonely Planet message board at Since we're here, I thought some people out there might be interested in reading it and-or helping. The post in full is.................................

Let´s help Quique


I want to tell you something very ugly that happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A dog, Quique (that was his name), was burned by a neighbor just because the garden of both houses were separated by a fence and the dog crossed the fence and came up the she-dog of the neihgbor. The dog died in a very ugly way after suffering for a week. Here in Argentina there are not good laws to protect the animals and I am asking people to sign for a new and better law to protect animals. Even there is a website where one can sign for a new law to protect animals (this website is in Spanish).
I want to ask you for 2 things:

1) If someone is a journalist, please, tell the story to make pression for a new law and for justice. I can translate information into English to help to write the article.
We feel worried because the judge in the case said "a thing died" and we don´t feel that there are many chances to do justice for Quique.

2) People who are considering to do a volunteer work in Argentina, please take into account to work for animals. There is a lot to do for them.

You can see a photo of Quique (or Kike) and get more info about this at and write me with ideas or to work together at [email protected]

Thank you,
Hi You speak of animal rights but here in Argentina there excist no owner responsabilities and if I am not mistaken you can buy a dog that has a mental or a physical condition that makes him bark and act crazy all day long and move him into your place for your neighbors enjoyment and then you can overfeed the thing and let it decorate the buildings entrance with its droppings while being fully within your rights.
You mentioned that "The dog died in a very ugly way after suffering for a week." surely the neighbor did not torture the thing for a whole week so the thing must have spent its last days critically wounded either with its owner or a vet. One could argue that attempting to save a pets life for a week when it looks that futile is animal crualty and if you agree with me on that as you must if you are a reasonable person then what do you think would be a proper punishment for the owner ?

I personally don't think that the owner should be punished but what I am trying to say with my question above is that writing a law like the one JG seems to be for is tricky business and could result in people being unjustly punished.

The way I see it the best way to handle a case like this would be to look at it for what it is property damage done in a very grave way which should result in the damages awarded to the owner of the property being higher.
I am merely passing along this post I read on Lonely Planet. I didnt write the post and know absolutely nothing about what really happened. Finally, I make no attempt to convince anyone to act, however, if anyone would like to help this woman, her contact information is in her sad post.