Any body every use the rentinBA agency?


I have had a good experience with I live in a safe neighborhood but had an incident and told them about it and they worked at finding me a new apartment with a doorman....Make sure to get an apartment with a door man! Anyhow, my experience has been very good with them and I recommend them highly.


Its amusing to see so many "new" users all agreeing on the same we can't see right through that act.

Sheila Groh

RentinBa was able to get us a furnished apartment just before the Christmas season in the area we wanted--Palermo Soho. The company is extremely "hands on, " making sure the inventory was correct at check-in, the apt was clean, and everything working. They also provided cell phones for our use during our stay. Zohar and Nestor speak English and were immediately responsive to any questions or repairs that needed attention during our almost 3 months in Buenos Aires. Payment was handled securely and they arranged a late check-out, making the late night departure for the airport much easier. Highly recommended!


bradlyhale said:
Note: Sheila Groh registered today, and this is her first post. Same goes for CarlJefferd and DavidReiner...

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Yes, i just created this account because i wanted to criticize Rentinba, thats true. I was really disappointed and wanted people to know about our situation. Why someone create a account just for protecting Rentinba in this forum is a bigger question i think. And maybe its only a coincidence that DavidReiner has the same last name as one of the employed. We talked with the other guests in our building and almost everyone was disappointed. So for me it feels totally unreal that two comments in a role after me can be positive.

Thanks for the word!


As a long standing member (if I may humbly call myself that) of this board, I first would like to congratulate the team on maintaining the integrity of this forum over the years. It's difficult to do in this day and age, with all of the spam and hackers out there. For me personally this board has been invaluable and has helped me form both business and personal friendships which have been a very important resource for me. Companies that are proven to have posted spam messages promoting their services on this board should be permanently banned and not taken into consideration by users of this forum. If a business it truly ethical and well received by the public, it continues to grow and flourish on it's own by referrals, repeat business and word of mouth. They don't need to defraud the public on how good they are by posing a clients or former clients to "self-promote" their services.


The question is always: For WHO is the rental agency good?
The landlord OR The tenant!

I have used Ba4uapartments some years back for renting out my apartment.
That was the most horrible you can ever imagine, (For me, the landlord, owner of the condo)
But for the tenant it was probably very ok!!!!!!!
The agencies focus a lot to attracting the tourist and have them to rent from them.......which means giving totally stupid deals and accepting the worst Britney Spears mentality from the tenants, ("its to noisy, its to dark, to much smog" etc etc.)
They do this because most ownerrs of condos dont have a lot of choice and do not live in the country to take care of it themself.
So my advise, be very carefull with selecting an agency!!!!!!!!


Hi I am about to rent a long term rental through the RentinBA agency, was wondering if anybody has any comments, have ever used, or does or does not recommend. I usually get a lot of great info from this forum thanks to all you wonderful people.
I manage studios in Recoleta for a good rate long short or long term, we only request 1 month Safe Deposit refundable at check out, if you would like more information do not hesitate in contact me, I will begad to her you.


I manage studios in Recoleta for a good rate long short or long term, we only request 1 month Safe Deposit refundable at check out, if you would like more information do not hesitate in contact me, I will begad to her you.
You are responding to a post from a decade ago.

If your business is run on those sorts of response times, then maybe you're not cut out for this. :D

(Yep, mockery is what you get for necro responding to a mega old post on a community forum for financial gain, shame on you)

PS: At least most of the people who try and fish on these forums for financial gain are a little more subtle, though not much.