Any Dutch People around? Nederlanders....?


Oct 12, 2008
Does anyone know if there are Dutch people around here? (I am sure there are :) I am looking for people with young children AND for someone who wants to teach Dutch. Thanks!
For Dutch teachers, visiting the cultural attaché at the Dutch embassy should prove helpful. He (or she) may also be able to put you into contact with Dutchmen living in Bs. As.
you may want to check out the dutch pub in las cañitas. first wednesday of every month is dutch night. located on baez almost corner of arevalo
There's a small dutch community in BsAs, they get together in "Van Koning", the pub mentioned in the post above. You can contact the dutch embassy which is located @ puerto madero (next to the hilton). I'm Dutch myself, but since I'm not currently living in BsAs I'm afraid I can't really help you with local issues. Feel free to send me PM though, in case you have some questions.

I'm Dutch and I will be back in BsAs in February, unfortunately without my two children.
Just returned from warm BsAs to the Netherlands, where we experienced a chilling minus twenty degrees Centigrade last night... Quite a blow following the last four months in BsAs... On the upside: lots of ice skating on ponds and little streams :)
Check the Dutch Expat Organization ( for useful info, contacts, and -of course- the monthly meetings at 'van Koning' (every first Wednesday of the month as from 20:00; usually 20-40 Dutchies attending; you will likely run into Dutch students that may be interested in teaching Spanish your kids).
Myself (Dutch), I will be returning to BsAs, albeit likely around March.
Succes en groeten,
Hi! I'm not Dutch, but a Belgian girl living in Buenos Aires. I'm a native Dutch speaker, and I would love to teach Dutch. Please contact me at [email protected].