Any Experience Buying Men's Shoes?


Feb 17, 2008
I am tempted to buy a pair of shoes here. But I fear that my feet have become accustomed to the lasts used for shoes sold in the US and the fit would not be quite right.

I also wonder if they are all leather and, if so, do the toes curl up after a while like my shoes did before synthetic materials were used for the soles?

Does anyone here have any experience?

Thanks, Bob
Since almost no shoes are actually made in the USA anymore, if your feet are accustomed to anything, its the lasts of CHINESE shoes.

But I question your basic premise, which seems to be implying that the shape of Argentine feet is somehow different from my cornfed Amurrican feet.

They are not.

Feet are feet.

I have bought numerous pairs of shoes in Argentina over the last 4 years. They fit exactly like chinese made american shoes. Which is to say, some better than others, depending on quality of manufacture.

I particularly like the Patagonia brand that was sold in a store in San Telmo- They have a couple of branches right on Defensa- zippy, modern looking shoes, quite well made. I generally buy on sale, in the 300 peso range. Have had at least two pairs of these for 3 years now, and they are dress shoes, I dont wear them everyday, but they are holding up just fine.
I also have gotten some cool shoes at Mancini, in Palermo, again from the sale rack- I just hate paying full retail- but again, good quality, great style.
You can get any type of shoe you want here- from high end shoes with all leather soles, to the exact same synthetic soles featured in chinese shoes, to a million styles of chuck taylor knockoffs. Even polo boots. So if you dont want leather soles, dont buy em.

Of course, style is totally subjective, and personal. But there is nothing odd or different about argentine shoes.
My teenager likes the $40 peso pairs of slip on Vans style shoes made here- he destroys $60 to $100 US bought shoes in a few months, and the Argentine shoes last him about the same as real Vans do, at a quarter the price.

And my wife is probably up to well over a dozen pairs, which she wears the hell out of- particularly some of the high fashion leather flats with sneaker soles, which look good but wear like a running shoe.

Your mileage, of course, may vary, and no doubt a good half dozen "everything made in Argentina is shit" comments will quickly follow.
I bought two pairs in 2004 a couple of doors down from Tortoni's. They have been an excellent fit and simply refuse to wear out.
A pair of black brouges and a pair of brown oxfords, the guy did say that they had a lifetime gaurantee all I had to do was bring him over to the UK to replace them. Hmm, do you think he was genuine?:D
I've bought entirely too many pairs of shoes here. Depends on where you go, but in general, the shoes aren't different.

The only issue I have had is that the sizes seems to vary with every brand.

There is a great men's shoe store on Malabia and El Salvador (right above Starbucks) in Palermo
Well, Bob, unless you are buying USD1000 hand made shoes for a podiatric deformity you are going to find the shoes here just fine. Personally, I think they are better than fine and although I have no fashion sense, I know comfort and durability when I find it. As for sizes, check out Wikipedia's page on shoe sizes and be amazed at how many there are. If you come from Europe, the UK, Japan or the USA where each place has its own unique standard sizes you may find the non-standard standards a bit baffling because I get the impression (correct me if I'm wrong) that each manufacturer is pretty free to choose which shoe size standard they will use. I've found European to be the most commonly used. Nothing replaces trying a shoe on, though. Go into a shop, take the salesperson's advice and try a few on until you find the right one. I have boots, shoes and sandals, always leather, always made in Argentina and I love them all.
I like Febo and Guantes brands. Personally I think the Argys know how to make leather stuff really well especially shoes. If you pay 300-400 pesos or more you'll find good quality.
I dont like the quality of arg shoes.. i buy merrells for walking/hiking, the ones i buy in bsas (which are made in arg) never last more than 6 to 10 months, but the ones i buy in aus (made in china of course) last a couple of years.. Also the build quality isnt as good, bits of glue from the sole on uppers, and stitching not always straight..
I have bought three pair of Lopez Taibo dress shoes here. They are extremely well made, easily the equal of Johnston & Murphy or similar in the United States.

The pair I purchased in 2002 have been resoled...otherwise they still look as good as the day they were purchased.
What is known as Boticelli shoe store in the US, as italian made shoes, are found here as Bonifafce shoe store, on San Jose street, between Mexico and Chile is the outlet store, where you will find very good quality argentinian made shoes at a good price as they are not the model of the current season, and they dont have all the sizes available. Last time I went Lisandro was the clerk, very nice, he knew his job.
I've been away for a few days and wasn't able to see replies until now.

Thanks, Bob