Any Health Insurance brokers?


Dec 29, 2008
Hey everyone, I have recently arrived in BS and want to get Health Insurance. I've heard and read about OSDE and it seems good to me... but how do I actually go about purchasing it? Can anyone recommend an agent who speaks English?

I wrote them an email and a few days later got a response that basically said "How can I help you?" in broken English. I responded but have yet to hear back. I think the language barrier is a little much with this particular person and I would like to get this process started asap because I need to get a prescription refilled.

Thanks a lot for any help.

edit: Actually I didn't email them, I used the "contact a representative" form
Sorry, can't help you with OSDE but just in case you don't already know, you can buy most medicines over the counter without a prescription. As I understand it, only psychologically active drugs are restricted. You won't get the discount that comes with a health plan until you join that health plan but unless the drugs you need are on the restricted list you should be able to get what you want without difficulty - leaving you to sort your medical cover out in your own time.
Thanks, but I know about that. I have 2 prescriptions and one is on the restricted list.
OSDE and OMINT are the 2 largest health insurers, they have offices all over BA, go to the website or jump in a taxi, they will know where the nearest office is, then walk in and sign up, easy as that:)
Ok great that seems easy enough. Any idea of one where they speak English? If not, I'll just try a few on Monday and report back.
I found both companies had english speaking reps, I also found the OMINT policy where more comprehensive, they both have 4 or 5 different plans.
I looked around and ended up going with Swiss Medical. My rep was great and spoke perfect English.

Her info is:

Dra. Aurora Couretot
Departamento Comercial IMV
Swiss Medical Medicina Privada
Tel-Fax : (5411) 4963-8833
Cel: 15 6180 1556

acouretot [AT]