any older expats out there


Nov 19, 2009
Hola out there.I am called Daniel,new to this site,I am about 58 years young and from Hastings England.I live in La Plata which is about 60-70kl from BA,takes about an hour on the bus depending who is demonstrating and which roads are closed.I don't drive over here to dangerous for me,people chatting on their phones and drinking mate doesn't do much for awarness of other things ,like steering the bleedin car.I would like to meet up with some of you "guys",think most of you are from north America so let me know whats going down man!!!Anybody fancy going "for an Indian"haven't had a good curry for years,except the ones I knock up.Hope I get some replies,suerte,Dani
Hi Daniel.I too am from England,Nottingham and moved here to BA 5 years ago.I,d love to go for a ruby murray and in fact i will,cos I,m going to England on Friday until early Feb.!!!!..I,ll buzz you en la vuelta...saludos, Howard
Hi. I'm Fiona and also from England. I've been in BA for almost two weeks and don't know anyone yet. Would be happy to meet up. When?
ok the problem is when,I think you work here?I don't so I have more time to come to BA.Let me know what your free time will be and maybe we can meet up with one or two others who are interested in having achat English stye....suerte Dani
blackburn said:
Anybody fancy going "for an Indian"haven't had a good curry for years,except the ones I knock up.Hope I get some replies,suerte,Dani

I'd be interested in that. I am Mike, 52, been here a couple of months but I don't know of any good curry houses.
I love curry! I know a couple of places. And, although I'm not English I do speak it very well. Queen's subject from Canada. I'm heading south next week for a couple but would love to eat and chat when I return.
A good place for you guys to meet up first is at the Club Europeo. It´s downtown, off Puerto Madero (near Retiro and the La Plata highway), and has a great view of the city from the 21st floor!

You can just meet at the bar, no need to be a member to enter.
Or you can participate in the language conversation groups, where the topics are open so you can ask where to find the best curry in town!!

Mon-Tues for the English conversation groups, and Wed for Spanish for expats.
This Thursday there´s an After Office party at the Italian Club. Great to meet up also. And Friday, there´s a Diplomatic Party at the Hotel Panamericano, in front of the Obelisco. All good places to meet up, and meet new peopla both bilingual locals and expats.
All these week-day events start 7pm-ish.

At the Club´s English groups, there´s a keen Indian guy who checked out all Indian restaurants and found Taj Mahal, to be the best and even cheapest. (Nicaragua half-block towards town from Scalabrini Ortiz) Good spicy and HOT food!!
Hola Blackburn,

I'm an American baby boomer who's here till April. I'm an Anglophile to boot!

Not working here, though I must say living in BA is work.

If anything gets organized please clue me in or Blackbeard, you can send me a private message.

I was thinking about having a party (maybe a New Years one?) in my little house for the boomer expat crowd.

Victoria (like the queen)
Hi there, if you will allow a Happy irish guy with an English accent join in, I'm here in BsAs, and free as can be... (Happy as we beat the Springbok today, to end the year unbeaten!). 51 going on 25... Think that sees me as older, but not so sure about the mature bit!

I know of one curry house and pub in BsAs, its The Bangalore, which is on Humboldt 1416, between Cabrera and Niceto Vega, and owned by the same people that bring you The Gibraltar. It's open from 6 pm evenings, till the usual late.

Only day I can't make is Tuesday's midweek. Anyone up for suggesting a time?