Any Roller Skating Rinks in Argentina?


Nov 7, 2009
I'm from Los Angeles, CA visiting BS AS until January. I LOVE to roller skate but can't seem to find either a skating rink for public skating or even an outdoor park where everyone skates. Are there any here?? :confused:
Peru Beach in San Isidro,very popular and they have a league ongoing...from the Capital take Libertador until you come to Marques turn right cross the train line,immediate right again and follow the road and you,ll see it on your left.It,s got a lovely bar/restaurant/riverside view,good luck.....
A lot of people got to the park near the zoo, around Libertador and Sarmiento. There are usually a lot of people doing a lot of things, including rollerblading, playing hockey, etc. Can't remember what the park is called, but there's a little lake, you can even rent paddle boats, bikes, etc. There's a planetarium on the Sarmiento side of the park.
The park´s name is Rosedal. They rent rollers during the week and weekend. It costs $15 the hour. During the weekend is pretty crowded, but during the week is very nice and relaxed.
I know this thread hasn't been active in a while, but does anyone know where to actually buy roller skates? I looked on mercadolibre of course but prefer to try them on before making the arrangements to meet, etc.

I'm looking for the 'patines artisticos,' the old school ones, not inline.

Thank you in advance!
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