Any suggestions for what to do on New Year's Eve???


Jul 12, 2009
I will be arriving mere hours before the big day (on the 30th) and am wondering what in the world one does for New Year's Eve, particularly when there is a good chance they will know (almost) NO ONE in town!

Family friends will be off at their place on the beach (along with half of the city) and I don't think I'll be up for travelling another few hours when I've just arrived. An acquaintance will probably still be in BA, so I am looking for options for a couple of girls - late 20s early 30s - probably a lounge or something similar! I suppose some of the trendy-ish restos I enjoyed last time will have something going on (drawing a blank on names but Bar Uriarte & Asia de Cuba come to mind).

I know NYE is generally more of a family/house party celebration but I don't think that's in the cards ;-) Unfortunately my friend who is moving down to BA with me is only arriving the morning of the 1st.

PS: If ever I do find something to do AND anyone is interested in joining, feel free to PM me!
Hey! I'm in the same situation - fellow Canadian (?) in my late 20s, here for 3 weeks, until early Jan and don't really know anyone! Let me know if you find something - would be a shame to miss out on the NYE festivities.