Anyone applied for a spouse visa to the UK?


Jun 6, 2006
I was wondering if there are any Brits with experience of applying for a UK visa for their Argentine spouses... recently.
We were literally turned away from the British Embassy last week by the security guard who said that they "Do not answer visa inquiries" and were directed to a web-site (apparently not even run by the UK government...Visa4U or something like that!). The website recommended that before applying online (a process which I think is going to cost several hundred pounds and does not guarantee a visa) we contact one of the international immigrations specialists listed on the website - none of which are available in Argentina!
Does anyone have any experience of applying for this visa? I'd be really grateful for some advice before jumping into the deep-end.
A friend of mine recently went through the process and aparently the British embassy in Argentina does not deal with visa applications anymore. They all go through the British embassy in the states who now deals with all the applications from the Americas. Needless to say the process is now much longer. (3-4 months if there are no problems with the application). Visa processing fee is 600 pounds. If you need more help send me a message and i can put you in touch with my friend. They went back to the UK last month so his info would be up to date.
Yes you have to look at the home office website and there are all the details. They send the application to an office in New York, and its true that they dont really help with the application. All the info you need is online however.

There are a few documents needed and you need to pay about £600 for the application itself. If you go to the home office site it will put you in the right direction.

If you need any more info, please ask! We have been researching this for 6 months and are getting a lawyer in england as well to help with all the papers. It isn't the most easy process, sadly.

Good luck!
I've been researching this for a while for my Argie partner. The UK Gov contracts out visa application centres for most countries. In fact the private company in Arge only deals with the receiving of the application, then they post it to New York to be processed.

Don't be put off by this. The real problem is providing all the right documentation to prove you fulfil the Visa requirements. The website you mentioned suggests a phone consult, I think US$16 for 20 mins. They do know what they are talking about and it is good value compared to ringing a UK immigration Lawyer. Although due to the Government strangely refusing to clarify anything to do with visa applications, leaving it to private companies (very frustrating) to handle, it may be best to corroborate anything you are told with a UK lawyer as the visa system has been recently changed.

Before your phone call try and get all your documents you think you need together first; Proof of communication, co-inhabitance, accommodation in UK, adequate savings, certificates of marriage, civil-partnership. You'd be surprised how much of your life and past you have to dig up. It took us nearly 2 months to get everything together.

Closely examine the UK border force and Government visa sites AND public forums on the matter.

Then make a phone call to a professional. This way you wont waste your money and time.

It's real shit and nothing is certain. We're still waiting on the result.

Good luck.
Hi, I went through this process last year and the advice given so far pretty much coincides with my experience. I would only add that you need to really go to town with evidence that the relationship is for real and allow plenty of time for processing to and fro from NY. We were refused first time around but got the decision reversed on appeal when we sent lots and lots of evidence, including signed statements from friends, apartment portero, administration saying we were co-habiting, photos from holidays together, receipts from furniture I bought for our flat in BsAs etc. Keep in mind that they are very, very supicious, so dont take anything for granted, send the lot. We did it without professional help and the only thing we were naive about was just how much evidence they wanted, even down to a copy of my house deeds in UK. Hope this is useful and good luck.