Argentina Get A Low Cost Airline

Actually I hear lot of bad things about Aerolineas from people in general. IMHO, its not so bad.

Its my favorite carrier to travel within South America, amongst the 4 South american carrier I use - namely LATAM, Copa, Gol & Aerolineas.


I have always had excellent service from Aerolineas and I'd love to fly with them to go to Europe this year. If only their fares made sense...


Their rates are very attractive for national flights, though! I have been considering getting their credit card to get miles for my spending.
But complimentary snacks are getting dropped by all airlines....very soon if it hasnt happened yet
Really?? Those vanilla cookie sandwiches with the lemon cream that they serve on AA were the best though. Guess I'll have to find out if they sell those things to consumers...
yeah, gotta love those budget south american airlines when they run out of gas mid flight... better than a roller coaster ride !
More news on the low cost front

Got this mail from a friend in the UK

Norwegian to establish a unit in Argentina with 10 B737s by end of 2017. Carrier already applied for an AOC and is now seeking rights to serve domestic routes out of Buenos Aires.

He tells me that they are also looking at doing low cost long haul from EZE to London and Barcelona