Argentina Get A Low Cost Airline

I dont want thse low cost airlines running in Aeroparque or Ezeiza. These two are the best airports in whole of South America, as of now.
Two best airports in LATAM? Thats quite a claim....

Low cost airlines tend to be more efficient than legacy airlines, as you can see by theri turn around times. In Europe at least their fleets tend to me more modern and contaminate less.

Almost certainly we will see the Argie unions say that low cost airlines are unsafe . That is not the case in Europe or in North America.

Its still too early to say how the whole thing will develop.

If it brings prices down and increases available flights for travelers , it has to be welcomed.
29 June 2017
FlyBondi will be able to fly 85 routes for the next 15 years

The decision was communicated through resolution 408-E/2017 of the Ministry of Transport, which, with the signature of
Minister Guillermo Dietrich, was published in the Official Gazette. The authorization is "to operate domestic and international regular services of air transportation of passengers, cargo and mail with large aircraft.

Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay, besides the main Argentine cities, are among the destinations to which the company was authorized to fly.

....The company will have its base of operations in the airport of El Palomar, although that situation "is subject to the qualifications and limitations" of that aerodrome....

29 June 2017

....The company, which plans to make its first flight in October, will initially invest US$75 million, of which US$30 million will be used to build a platform and a terminal of its own in El Palomar. As the works are not yet ready, it will operate in the meantime from Aeroparque Jorge Newberry, which has its capacity to the limit. Therefore, the planes will spend the night in the interior of the country, especially in Cordoba, where it will have one of its bases....