Argentine Rock: Divididos


Jun 14, 2007
Originally consisted of Ricardo Mollo on guitar, Diego Arnedo on bass, and Federico Gil-Solá on drums. This is Argentina's strongest power-rock trío, aptly nicknamed "La Aplanadora del Rock" (the steamroller of rock). When you see them live, it's hard to believe it's just a trio. They literally blow your brains out.Ricardo Mollo married actress & "singer" Natalia Oreiro (she released a couple of albums on Sony BMG, but still...), became a veggie, quit other unhealthy habits and lost some 20 kilos. This only helped his stage performance become more powerful. He is without a doubt one of the best guitar players in the country. There is little studio material available on video, simply because they never liked making video clips. So, here's one of their live show-stoppers, "Ala Delta" you be interested in buying their music, I recommend the following:"Acariciando Lo Áspero" (Caressing The Rough) (1991) I know this a strange translation, but so's the Spanish title! "La Era de La Boludez" (The Age Of Stupidity) (1993)"Vengo Del Placard De Otro" (Coming Out Of Someone Else's Closet) (2002)Enjoy!CheersErnie
PS: I forgot to mention that Ricardo is a big fan of Jimi Hendrix. Please excuse the sound quality, here's Dividido's version of "Voodoo Chile" PS 2: If you go here, click on "enter", "portfolio" and "Divididos - Cajita Musical", you'll see the video of the track, with excellent sound. Please remember to click on "audio on" to turn the website's audio off (bottom left of your screen).