Arriving in 30 days...need help


citygirl said:
(And whomever said clothes ... are cheap - I would 100% disagree ... that's more expensive than most US cities. Ditto on clothes, the quality is a lot lower here and prices are a lot higher than in the US).
If you ever go to Chile, buy your clothes there, quality OK and prices below those in Argentina (import duties much lower).


Two excellent white pure cotton shirts (2 for 1 is common in e.g. Johnson's) CH$ 12.000 = AR$ 85.

Two equally excellent pairs of trousers (2 x 1) CH$ 14.000 = AR$ 100.


Today's posts have included useful information, but has anyone else noticed that the OP was made over ten months ago and this individual has probably long since departed...if she ever made the journey in the first place?


Oh, yes - I was reading through a lot of useful and -less :D threads, when I stumbled over this slightly misleading one.


I don't drink beer and yes, most bars/restaurants that I go to, a mixed drink or champagne is $25 pesos or more.


John.St said:
Addition: This idiot :p (i.e. me) bought six or seven? before I had the idea to buy an 'extendedor' with 5 outlets, then drill the holes slightly larger to accept the European standard plug - won't work with US double-flat.
don't bring adaptors, just "extenders", like John said, so with 1 adapter you can charge at least all your electronics... I have one in every room, but still we are fighting over an adaptor, and we have lots...! :eek:

you can find adaptors in any fereteria (in almost every street) and they are cheap.

you don't have to speak Spanish, but the Argentines like you a lot more if you do.:)

As a European I find Argentina cheap. No discussion about that. Eventhough prices have gone up, 6 years ago we had to devide everything in 3, now in 5. (5.3 to be exact). Even American brands are cheaper in Argentina then in Europe. (e.g. Ralph Lauren).

Electronics are relatively expensive.


I have to agree with Katti. I think many dining and most services are very well priced. Our maid is 18 pesos an hour, our massage therapist 50 pesos an hour, health insurance US$150/month for full coverage and no deductible, car insurance US$40/month, etc.