Arriving in October, looking to network!


What's up everyone? I"m moving to BsAs in the Sept/Oct time frame. I"m 25, American of Sicilian/Salvadoran blood, highly adventurous, and coming off of an 8 year stint with the US military/government work. I"m sick of the direction my country has taken and have recently come to understand the Illuminati and New World Order situation and what it is doing to the world. If you want information on that (which is a major factor why I"m not going back to America) then get on YouTube and search for "Jordan Maxwell" or "David Icke." They will break it down for you.
All that aside, I love BA and was there last April! I"m coming in with the 90 day tourist VISA and just going to go from there. Looking for a nice apartment to rent close to the Recoleta area. Also looking for work in the nightlife scene and to network with quality people. So if that means you, then hit me up! or
Can't wait to get down there!!!!!