Asuncion, Paraguay


May 20, 2009
My buddy and I are going to Asuncion for the month of February. Does anyone know of websites to find temporary rentals? Do they exist? Or is a better option just living in Hotel? Thanks in advance, for any information.
I would rent a house, you can get them for $250-300 usd. A decent hotel can run you waaaaaaaaaaay more than that for a month, and you don't want to stay in a cheap one for a month.
Be aware that Asuncion in February will be unbearably hot!

You can stay in a 3 stars hotel downtown for 20 dollars a night. I stayed there for one month and found it fairly confortable. You can rent an apartment, everything is negociable there. Your best bet is to find a local, and ask him if he knows somebody who rents one, tipping him for the service. You can find an monthly rental from 600,000 guaranies (150 USD) and up, depending on your negociation skills.

Life is cheaper than in Buenos Aires, but social life is also much more limited. Dont change cash in the streets, you will expose yourself to lots of scams, from false bills to wrong calculations.

My 2 guaranies of advices (that is VERY cheap :rolleyes:)
I am back form Asuncion. You should stay at a very nice hostel called the Black Cat,(check google) right in the middle of the centre. and speak with the reliable Violeta and her mum who run the hostel. They will help you.Mention Chris , the French from Buenos Aires (I dont get commissions, I am just trying to help you !)
I was in Asuncion 1n 2008. I found a very nice hotel 3 or 4 blocks from the bus terminal. I forgot the name, it was in a corner.
The service was excelent, A/C, cable TV, with a full buffet for breakfast a mile long.
The price was very low ,about 150 pesos a day I think.