ATM or ABM Banking Restrictions


May 26, 2006
Re: ATM problem?

Posted on: 08/04/2007 09:13 PM

Hello all.
I am responding to expats who have encounterd a problem with the ATM limited withdrawals. Here I am proposing to take some affirmative action.
I have contacted my bank in Canada to inquire what if any problems exist at that end. The answer from the Security Branch was nada. I was also told they (ARG Banks ) were not breaking any international laws. I arranged to have my account debited 5.00$ everytime I reached my limit of 3000 pesos.
On this end I contacted an officer with the National Bank of Argentina and was told this was a request from Visa International. What for, I asked as they do not make any money from my ATM card. Answer, "we do not know." That is a typical answer here in ARG. One I am used to by now.
For the record we all have the same rights as any Argentine with regards to prices in any market.

Now I do not want to hear any comments on other issues. I live here permanently , I love it here, I understand the many complexities of living here and have accepted them. So lets concentrate on fixing this ATM problem now!
Please contact me at [email protected].
I intend to launch a complaint from us here, and then enjoin Canada and the USA government to assist as well as using the media back home to warn off tourists wishing to come here. I have the time , the knowledge and need your support from the expats living here, all of you.
So write me, tell me your experiences as you encountered them, what banks, dates etc and lets get this done, then we can work on other issues collectively.
Best regards,
ARGH! In the past, I have called Citibank and gotten the ATM foreign fees removed. I was advised by Citibank that I should just call whenever this occurs. However, today I called and was told they reversed the charges as a courtesy and that in a foreign country there is always an additonal 3% foreign fee.
So, I cannot open a bank account here so what do I do? No dont answer that. I guess the answer is get a DNI and open a bank account.
Try Commerce bank I never get charged any fees from anyone.
The limit of $300P is specific to a debit card that uses Visa. We have a Mastercard and we can take out $3000 at a shot.(but there is a transaction fee)
If you open a Citibank account in the US and use your debit card from Citibank at a local ATM you can get $3000 and there will not be a foreign transaction fee. (yet)
The CC company can impose any fees they see fit (read your contract). I think it is noble to demand what you believe you are entitled to..but unless you have a boycott on a major scale they have you over a barrel. Fees coming and going arent all depends if it is a seller or buyer's market and in debt, it is a seller's market.
Thankyou all for your replys. a special note to Agus:The limit of $300P is specific to a debit card that uses Visa. Perhaps I did not clarify the situation. I do not have a Visa cc, I do not have an ATM card linked to Visa, My card is a Scotia Bank ATM card period. No links to any cc. I have never been charged a fee by any bank here in Argentina, However each time I draw the max now pemitted for some inane reason, I am charged 15.00CDN by my bank for the 3 transactions. My bank does not understand this. Before I could withdraw 3000P at one time and only pay 5.00CDN to my bank.I was told originally that Visa had imposed this new limits Now I see from you and others that only some ATM cards and some cc are being restricted. That implies, DISCRIMINATION. The banks here by limiting my card are not getting any money at all but causing me to lose money back home. So where is the methodology here, the reason behind this. Of course much of the Leyes here make no sense at all. I wonder why, when we have so many Expats living here no one has taken the time to at least have a meeting about this? Appears to me many of the Expats only talk and action is not in there vocab.regardsjedard