ATM Update


Mar 21, 2007
Would some of you care to post an update on the ATM situation. Is the limit back down to $300 pesos per transaction or is it still at $600 plus or minus.
Considering the new Fee Harvesting ploy the $300 peso limit would be rather costly
We have gone to withdraw money since the new ruling and nothing has changed for us. Limit is still 600 pesos and no additional fees. We have a Schwab checking account.
i have been using banco rio atm on santa fe and uriburu and some other bank across the street using my capital one debit card from usa and my cap one credit card and it allows 700 peso per transaction (there may even be an option to ask for more but i was in a hurry) with the 11.something peso fee each time. it allows me to do this more than once i know ive doneit 2x and my bad memory thinks maybe even 3x on one card insertion. this was july 30 and 31. its a banelco
Try Banelco ATMs - I got a fee at a BNP Link ATM but no fee from Banelco ATMs...
Hey, I'm confused, although that's not unusual. From Balenco ATMs I have been withdrawing up 300 pesos, 3 times during one day which is what I understood was the limit way back when. that still works since I did it yesterday and that way I get 900 pesos. I'm afraid to try another larger amount since the system might block me from using the ATM. But you guys are mentioning different limits but make no mention of withdrawing more than ones in a day.

By the way, my bank does not charge ATM fees in the kind of account that I have. So I don't worry about that. I do worry however about being at an ATM machine longer than necessary. I was mugged once and its not a pleasant experience.
I usually take out 490 at a time (to get some small bills) - not sure what the upper limit is but it's definitely more than 300. That being said, the limitation could be from your actual bank account and not related to the physical ATM.
I can get around 2650 in one time from a citybank ATM without charge
I use the Banelco ATM at Citibank where I can withdraw 700 pesos. All Banelcos now charge $3 per transaction. You have to accept this charge before your ATM transaction is completed. The transaction is posted to your account including the $3 fee in the withdrawal.
But the non Banelco atms at Citbank are still (so far) free and let me take out 2k+ at at time.