ATMs Again


"Fishface" said:
Forget about VISA/Mastercard.
Use debit - Cirrus/Maestro - your limit at home is your limit here.

it is right but the ATM (Maestro) will produce to much costs in total. So through VISA I will have fixed 4% of commission (with interbank rate + 0,5 to 1%) but on ATM I will have lower commission with 1-2% but with typical cash rate (interbank rate less 4-5%).So as example : for 1500 Pesos with ATM I will pay 345 Euro ... with VISA I will pay (with 5 transactions of 300 Pesos) only 335 Euro. So in total VISA is 10 Euro cheaper as a ATM card.Maybe somebody will get other "cash rate" but the result for me is VISA is cheaper :) bye schef4711


The link charges for ATM at HSBC were £1.75 the exchange rate I got was over $6 to the British pound. For me this is going to be much better than Visa, they charge only £1.50 but limit me to $300 per withdrawal and also I have to pay interest from day one.
To answer another question, I opened the account in the UK before I left and I have to service it from home.