Attention U.S. Expats

fred mertz

Jun 11, 2009
The U.S. (aka EEUU) is starting its census survey. I saw on tv that U.S.citizens living outside the U.S. will not be counted. They'll be counting illegal (sorry, libs) undocumented folk, but not taxing paying citizens. Also,of course, old folk not living in the U.S. can't take advantage of med-icare. Is this taking "taxation without representation" one step further?
How exactly would you like the US govt to count citizens living overseas? Hire a door-to-door international census taker? And ditto on medicare - would you like them to fly people from overseas back to the US to treat them? Or maybe send doctors overseas?

I'm not sure exactly what you would propose as an alternative but I'm interested...
The whole world is taking the census in 2011 - Not just the US - It's all tied together by the UN, and works out a variety of issues, but most importantly, it shows the population in each country. If you happen to be in Argentina when the census is taken, you will be expected to show up on the Argentine figures - be it as a tourist or a long term resident.

Generally it is a way of gaining generic information on the worlds population, and takes place every ten years - the last global one being 2001.....

Even in this world of conspiracy theories, this one isn't about depriving anyone, there are plenty of ways to do that!
Not taxing non-resident citizens would even it out!
If you stop living in the country, why would you still be expecting the government to go out of it's way to count you in the census and why would it allow you to still use medicare...If you want those things, stay in the country.