Australia Day


Jan 13, 2009
Anyone know of any get togethers to celebrate Australia day on the 26th Jan?
No idea - but contact your embassy - as they always organise ANZAC things etc - so I'm sure they'll have something organised for you.
The embassy isn't inviting Australian citizens to their Australia Day celebrations, you can only go if you are an Argentine businessman. Hence the query.....
Im a resident oz (despite the user name) who would be interested in a get together on such an auspicious occasion.
Probably later in the day is better.
Our land is girt by sea
In history's page
Let ever stage..
Advaaaaance Australia Fair

I'm getting pretty emotional
notebook.fix said:

Last year we had an Aussie picnic in Parque Centenario.
That's the usual event for the 26th celebrations.


That picnic was awesome. All the ozzies (around 15?) singing "Waltzing Matilda", and making everyone else try Vegemite for the first time (one pic of each one's faces after the first bite should still remain in the organizer's blog). You should see that!

If I remember correctly, we borrowed a big flag from the embassy to signal the meeting point and to icon the celebration. They also provided other stuff like small guide books.

The good thing with a picnic is that there is total freedom to do anything, people are free to move around and change places to get to talk to everyone, also to bring their own food to share, play games, etc. In my opinion, for example something like a dinner at a restaurant might be too structured to enjoy it 100%.

If I can find the link to the blog with all those pics I'll post it on the thread.

Down under (song from the 80's):

Cheers mate!
I'm in for a picnic, maybe with some lamingtons and tim tams
I was wondering whether anything was going down for the 26th - is the picnic on and if so whenabouts would it be going on?
Hope this happens!